No global chat when not in an alliance

When i am not in an alliance i can not enter global chat. The option is just not there anymore.

I can only search for alliances.

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Join an open alliance to chat.

“Hey, welcome.”
“I’m only here to look for a cool alliance.”


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I am doing that atm actually, but it gives troubles when you are mercing and are looking for an alliance with non European characters in the name, which I can’t type .

Previously you could just click a player in global and join from his into page.

Yes, it’s not hard to find an open alliance with a leader only last online 2 years ago.

The workaround @Olmor suggests works, but I still consider it a bug.

Basically new players, not yet in an alliance don’t have access to peer support also until they join an alliance.

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Not sure on this. I am able to view global chat when not in an alliance…?

Can you just try the below:

  1. Turn the chat on by tapping the chat icon. Note, the chat bar will be blank cause it’s default is to the last room you were in (usually the alliance chat).

  1. Tap on the “empty” bar

  2. Up the top, tap “global”

  3. It should now be visible no?

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I never had the global chat option when I searched the faq it said it’s not implemented for all regions … is it still the case ?

Will try after war when I merc again, but pretty sure this icon was no longer available for me since V28 update.

So this is happening:

While in alliance, minimize chat, leave alliance, than global chat is gone

While in alliance, leave chat window on, leave alliance, then global chat stats available.

What happens if you Unminimize the chat window?

(Screenshots will help a lot)

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