No “Friendly battle” refill after level-up

Dear SG!

First, thanks for Friendly match battle option available in v35. Quite useful.

Second, I just leveled up, but those “flags” are still 0 out of 5: there was no refill as with the other.

Also, there’s no time recover countdown for those, I mean at all - no data how often those appear. If you don’t read any external source or community, it is impossible to know.



Don’t recall anything saying, the friendly battles counter is restored once a player is leveled up anywhere actually don’t think it was even brought up in beta…

The time count is still up in the air, does it time with pov new daily challenge start?


Who knows.
Tomorrow I will see if it refilled in 24h term.

We are used to the idea that “you level up” = “you have all your energy refilled”. It doesn’t affect mythic and ninja - that’s fair. Yet this is the new, to say, “natural energy type”, that doesn’t refill.

That’s odd.

Mine did not refill the next day

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