No free token pull during Ninja Tower event for F2P players

You’re in the top rankings seen now congratulations

There was a small update. They improove the coins


I have a 3 yr old and a 6 yr old. I can testify to the fact that if the children scream and cry and whine enough, every authority figure will eventually capitulate in order to make the noise stop


Legendary portal is bad but it was my favorite event…very upset… I enjoy the game and don’t mind spending some money but it’s getting harder to find things worthwhile to spend on… I need a little more bang for my buck… will probably just save up for next costume release and next chance at a blue or purple bunny

Agreed. It’s not very much fun. Each level has the potential to be a grind because to avert the Oni Curses (if you can) you have to make a bunch of matches that may not damage the enemy or build your mana.

I felt the need to protect my best heroes early, so I was using backup heroes which further added to the grind. These were my slower heroes, unemblemed, etc. And combinations of heroes whose abilities do not complement each other very well. Reminded me of my very early days in the game when I only had a rainbow for offense. Each fight was slow and excruciating.

Up to 50 levels of grinding for not much reward? Not fun. Stressful, actually.

And as others have pointed out, they delayed Tavern of Legeneds with the improved odds for this.

I imagine they put a decent amount of work into this, but the result is underwhelming.

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Wouldn’t surprise me if this was tweaked down the line —

The tester in me would do the same thing on a soft launch to filter out users until I had a solid prod-baseline / reviewed tickets coming in

I don’t know about E&P — but often it’s the freebies that generate the most inquiries / tickets at launch

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Thanks for the update. Hopefully you, or someone, is recording the actual loot rather than basing it on the beta info. One of my alliance mates got 10 emblems on a level that was only 3 in beta, so I know it’s different for that as well.

Frankly, I wish they would run the two events simultaneously, or move Tavern to the start of the week. It barely takes a over a day to finish anyway (assuming no rare quests, etc).

And personally, I’m enjoying the challenge. Only using the free energy, so I’m at level 31, 4 heroes out, and at about top 80k.

Yeah it’s two disappointments. Ninja tower is not as fun as challenge events. AND they bumped ToL to every other month. I know the odds weren’t great, but ToL was a great idea to allow players a chance to access heroes that were otherwise lost to time. BUM. MER.

Even for the big players this event is costly , ( mana potions, battle items , tornadoes, time stops and the time you have to spend ) and rewards are nun … i did it this time but next time i will not even think about it … and what about free to play players all this effort to win 100 coin for one pull?? this is sad . SG every time promising new event or new activity and we were disappointed like hell. Good ideas bad implementations, sorry . Nothing but a new money grabber with no fun at all.


I can’t agree more. The levels are hard, costly, time consuming, and need a bunch of objects to avoid (if possible) the curses. Due to the tremendous difficulty and cost, we should gain 100 tokens for 10 levels, as an incentive.
I also noticed that the turn reduction of all our heroes abilities is definitively putting many 5* to shame, especially the slow ones. Costume Rigard or Melendor are unusable, and so on. In fact, just direct damage, direct heal and minions are still okay.
For all those who say that anyway a pull will give a 3*, then why should we get gold token, free pulls at all ? Just make it a pure pay to play game ? That’s an interesting point of view… I’ll add that after two years of C2P it’s a free token in costume chamber that finally gave me my first Lianna ! I’m still seeking for Joon, Magni, and Marjana after two years. Even if the odds are extremely low, it’s still better than no odds at all !


I went ahead and forked over )$10 USD for 1000 gems and 300 Ninja coins. I got 3 3S1 heroes. Fed them to my unique 3 heroes. I am going to F2P. Done pouring money into this hole.


One of our alliance elders left the game out of disgust over the ninja tower. Unabashed cash grab like the goblin balloon, now in an event.

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There has been a lot of talk about the amount of ninja coins. I finished with end reward of 30 coins, and now I have 132 coins in my inventory. That means that 102 was rewarded with levels.

I still don’t see how it’s seen as FtP friendy to get those 102 coins. I mean I really can’t see our everyday casual players been able to reach level 50. I was only player in my alliance to finish, and I did it only with my primary acco .

My second acco (lv 61, def power 4621) I didn’t felt like doing it higher than lv40, amount of items I used with primary acco after that was too high. My third acco (lv48, def power 2319) went to level 13 until I gave up. Most of my allymates gave up before level20.

This wasn’t fun event, and in the future I might stop participating at all. To finish was too much time consuming and rewards were poor comparing the effort.

With my best team having a pretty rough time on the tower, even at the first level, not using any battle items except healing and mana potions, when I saw the poison gas hit on level 6 I decided to bail out and give up on it. Did get 2 each of the emblems, a few tower coins and 3 arrow attacks. (Wheee, ptttht.)

I’m at level 35. And now it’s costume time again, have 4 keys, easy pickup 1 more and I get… Dammit, Prisca again. I have a maxed out Renfeld, I don’t need the slightly weaker Prisca. Would be nice if one could use a last copy of a costume for leveling up after getting rid of all copies of the hero for it.

Two things I really want are a way to export a list of heroes and all their stats and a turn indicator which would be extremely useful with the Titans so the player will know when the Titan is done with its turn and can shoot back rather than poking and scratching madly at the screen.

Face it. It is another way to drain resources with little payback. It’s all empty-headed fluff. In a real world , if you win, you would receive at least equal rewards, or better. In this game, we are playing like crazy and we get nothing back for our time spent so it ends up feeling like a rip-off. Yesterday, I used an extra titan flask to get an A score but my lower-scoring alliance member (scored B) got two ascension items! I got nothing 5gems; a string; not even a backpack. That’s disgusting. They are clearly depending on players abilities to resist the game addiction above all else. That can last one so long. They would have a larger player base if they were fair, but they ain’t.

Even if you did get enough for a summon and then were lucky enough get a 5* hero.
What are you going to do with it
Ascension materials are virtually non existent in this game now for people in small alliances who can’t kill 10* titans. i have numerous hero’s all waiting for ascension material…i haven’t seen a sturdy shield in ages.
SG have shot themselves in the foot, i stopped spending on pulls because i think what’s the point in getting new hero’s if i can never level them up.


I also got 102 coins from the tower. Completed all levels.

Pulled Chao.

102 coins from event got me jade.
Since i don’t spend much i don’t get many new heroes, so plenty of mats. Also plenty of feeders since i usually don’t have anyone to level


Lucky man!!!


Congrats on that shot :+1:t2:

Not had enough coins to do a pull. So yeah, next time for me.

SG It’s a big disappointment…

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