No free token pull during Ninja Tower event for F2P players

I hope that those who said that they won’t be doing the Ninja Tower again would not back out from their words. Good thing for us who enjoyed this new content, better rankings in the subsequent NT thus better rewards. But I will still not spend expensive battle items just to get to the top 100 and continue to use 3* heroes and better ones as I get to the higher levels.

Please. Stop joining next Ninja Tower event. Thank you.

BTW, I also got 102 Tower Coins from the first NT event.

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This event makes me not want to play this game anymore. Might as well not even have an event and just place a tab on our screen that says, “give us money.”

Even stacking my best reds in this I was running into hard to kill greens. My team that’s just now nearing 4100 had a tough time at floor 20 and I just stopped at 22. It’s not worth it for the rewards you get.

In the meantime, those who have stronger teams at the start of this event are rewarded the most. The emblems that they received were crazy. The top stayed at the top and this event did nothing to help developing players improve. For them, you had to pay to even get an event summon as trying to progress through the tower granted absolutely nada.

I hope they are reading this. I’m near to the breaking point, and so is one of their bigger supporters Anchor.

I have an idea that is possibly just crazy enough to work. You don’t like content, don’t do it!

No idea what this means in the context of NT

Lots of helpful community strategies and tips. A 4100 team is enough to complete the tower, providing you have the incentive to do so.

Of course having a stronger/deeper roster helps. But plenty of FTP, CTP players have completed the tower, and a lot of people completed the tower with no cursed heroes which means you could theoretically do it with a very shallow roster of decent heroes (and decent means those particularly suited to countering the tower debuffs, which aren’t your typical high-even heroes)

I like content, but when it’s obviously designed to be a pay to play event then I get antsy over it. What player in the 2000 power level benefited from this event? Are they better off now with this event after playing it? Only those that could beat this progressed further.

My biggest asset is my reds. Not. They hit hardest right now. I have other options, but they couldn’t really put a dent in the progress.

I stand by my statement. Lower players are not better off. The best got better. This game is becoming more and more a pay to play game.

It’s a business model…I get it. I won’t fault them for my disconnect with the method.

I play for the fun factor, unfortunately the tower didn’t make it.
I’m cheap, don’t expect much from summons (i take all feeders equally) but want some fun.
For me the tavern as a challenge is much better, using all of my roster properly is fun.
The tower is too much like seasonal events wich i don’t enjoy in general.
This and raids are not going on my to do list.
Just my 2 cents.
Trying to have fun.

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That’s the hard road to follow if they keep making events where people with smaller hero bench can beat it you will lose the higher tiered players that are willing to play. They have made many challenges/events that cater to lower caliber/f2p players. The ninja tower was refreshing it needs a couple of changes/tweaks. Like giving people 2 summons (or 200 coins) for beating the whole tower and making a curse last for 5 turns on bosses. Because on bosses they charge quickly and you have to do tile control to get rid of curses which means a lot of mana for the ninjas. But it was fun, I didnt beat it due to running our of flags by taking smaller teams, made it to 42. This event is for sure for the end game player but thats ok.

Have a look here

Lots of strategies that can help regardless of roster depth or hero quality. Assuming you actually enjoy playing through it, anyway.

There have been numerous FTP players that have completed the tower, and many people have completed without losing a single hero to a curse, and numerous people completed without heavy item usage.

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I’m not FTP, and I finished the Tower, but I won’t try again unless they revise it significantly. I like the Ninja heroes and the Charge Mana skills. But the tower itself had insufficient rewards for the resources and time needed to complete it. I just finished it to prove I could. For the amount of work and resources involved, I would be much more motivated by 300 to 500 Ninja Summons tokens and a couple of 4* ascension items.

I am here since march 2018 and let me tell you everything in this game has a cap. I wasn’t able to finish monthly events for a year or so, seasonal events as well as free material quests were simply to hard. So you need patience, time and you need to grow until you can break the point. You cannot expect a player with a 2000 TP Defense to finish content which is created for endgame. Still even a player like this will get free loot out of the tower no matter if he just reaches lvl 10 or even lvl 20.

Totally agree.

I started in December 2018 and roughly a month later I was frustrated because I couldn’t get past Mother North on one of the medium-low levels. I wondered how anyone was able to beat her when she simply healed herself and summoned her little pets each time. I developed a hatred of her which lives with me to this day.

But that is how it is meant to be. After a month of playing I shouldn’t have been able to progress very far in the event. The difference between this game and most others is that there is the apperance of accessibility of all events and levels, because there is nothing physically stopping you from entering them all (in other games you might be prevented from even entering certain events by a locked gate for example). However, as you say, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cap, as there should be.


To be honest, I expected even bigger money grab. Like, the last 10 stages are only available if you buy a Ninja Super Pass or something :upside_down_face: After they introduced that piece of sh…rek Goblin Baloon, nothing can surprise me now :grin:

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Most interesting description I heard was a planned trade in of ham/iron (via simple battle items) for emblems; with the event being a sideshow

Now that it’s known, can stock pile flag potions — they simply want to complete it without using lodge items

Only alternative he sees is alkashards from combines he doesn’t need.

You are not alone. Several of my low-level members back then ranted on the in-game chat, complaining about Mother North’s vicious porridge !! Us kept chuckling on their troubles, but gave them some advice like carpet bombing or using heroes like this or like that, forgetting that they were still relatively a newbie and couldn’t have amassed several maxed heroes, let alone getting the good ones, and lacked the crafting materials and/or Forge level to craft the needed battle items. It was fair that they were pissed not only on Mother North, but to us elders then. :sweat_smile:

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True, the chance of pulling anything worthwhile is very low anyway, but not to at least give everyone a token pull at this event means that it is only for the whales who pay. I am sorry to say that the rng has been good to me at events, and if I used the event token/s first, before using gems, I always got an event hero. Avalon gave me Black Knight, Sand Empire gave me Jabbar, Grimforest gave me Gretel, and Valhalla gave me 5 4*s. However the Ninja Tower is to be avoided unless you have very deep pockets

FWIW, I think the main issue has already been resolved. All players able to finish all the 50 stages can have approximately 102 Tower Coins collected from each of those 50 stages. That is enough for any F2P or C2P or P2P players for one single summon, at least for C2P or P2P players.

I dunno what keeps this thread going as the issue has already become moot and academic. I suggest to close this thread since it is starting to become a cesspool of negativity and off topic posts. Thank you.

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I am a f2p myself. While it would be nice to give free pulls to everyone and I would certainly love it, I do not think anyone is entitled to any free pull just because they choose to be f2p.

Just a personal thought. And once again, I am a f2p myself.

Here’s a idea about this very thing:

Closing topic for two reasons:

  1. It IS possible to get 1x free summon during the event if all 50 stages are completed. Original gripe came from charts made during beta, which as with all beta content, is/was subject to change with release to live game.

  2. Above linked thread for a #ideas-feature-requests thread to further increase the rewards.

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