No free token pull during Ninja Tower event for F2P players

This if hilarious. But maybe some dev got a bonus for inventing this.

If you are F2P, even if you immensely try and finish all 50 tower floors (and waste a ton of artifacts by the way) there is no matemathical chance for a free token (shuriken) pull during this months event.

For finishing 50 floors all you can get is 98 or 99 tokens XD

For me it is just another indicator to #nospend a dime on this game. Congrats to devs for this ‘backup’ with a F.


Yes. Thats very bad. We have to wait up to December to even do a single pull. If we are able to climb higher maybe two or 3 but not this month unless we spend. I wont spend with that odds.

I was waiting for an innaguration gift , i think it was the flask. But maybe 100 shuriken coins to try the portal.


I agree, I think if they have an event you should be able to earn at least one free pull that event.


Absolutely!!! And because of this event there will be no tavern tomorrow where you have a chance for a free pull . All this makes me feel bad about ninja event. This will be event I do not want and expect for next months .


You will get at least 5 bonus ones at the end, so it’s two free pulls every two months, assuming you finish all of them. It is quite disappointing, but I guess ToL also only gives two every two months now, as well.

Yeah, I was thrilled about the raised odds in ToL but of course SG had to delay it and stuff us this garbage with terrible odds. SG never fails to disappoint.


Ah, I was looking if I missed something, the token count puzzled me slightly - thank you for the headsup, hopefully we’ll be able to next time it comes around :slight_smile: If it helps, the odds are really low anyway :four_leaf_clover:

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Are you willing to grind for 100 levels (2 x 50) and waste hundreds of precious artifacts like bombs, dragons, tornadoes, revive scrolls for two 90% chances of getting S1 heroes? That is a TOP KEK LOL xD


Doesn’t matter. The ninja summon gate will split out 3*, or S1 heroes any ways. No difference.


I agree, this will be tough for the majority of players and all you get is one shot at the portal and most likely a S1 3* Rewards for the grind and the resources it will take are completely not worth it. My guess is Ill get maybe half of the way there and be able to do 1 pull every 6 months lol. We are missing Tavern for this!


I can hear ya guys and yeah, i have to agree on that, but…

…I just play for the loot and the emblems. I really so not care much about the sumoons, because i anyway will get something like Ulmer.


Ya at least imo this seems kinda ridiculous. 6% chance at a Ninja hero per pull, and 1 ish guarantee pull for 50 stages worth of playing. For 50 stages worth, I would expect 5 pulls being reasonable. 1 is just laughable.



exactly … event made for those who spend a lot of money … normal players just suffer … SG did not do well


Thie event is a big disappointment…


I’m just here for emblems. You guys are nuts.


This event should be renamed as emblems tower, cause it’s the only thing about it


Hah, honestly, I did not bother to sum the coins rewarded and automatically assumed you get 100 for everything… which would still be waaay too low to be fine with it. All the other non-standard portals allow you to get at least 2 free summons from playing. If you don’t even get a 100 then that again seems like someone messed up the math and it’s just sad.

And I assume rewards are given only at the end of the event, so even if you get the extra coins at certain tier, you still have to wait till the portal reopens. Same issue as with Event Challenge coins.

The rewards really cry for update here. It would otherwise be such a fun event, but right now it feels it punishes you and not rewards. I don’t get it.


Very sad day for us F2P… Fix it SG… FYI some of us can accommodate TOL with NT all together …


3 months, because ninja will alternate months with ToL

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