No football event?::/

As title says today starts the fifa world cup and I think there should be some in-game content in connection with it.

Not everybody like Football :rage:

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Hmmm I don’t :angel:

Once the champions are known they should make 11 new heroes.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a football themed sale for about 10k gems or US$100 sometime soon.


There has been some weird “turtle day” offers so maybe SG is gonna come up with something for the World Cup :slight_smile: Not gonna lie, that would be awesome.

There is a kick off offer :grinning:

I always thought of him as an american football player though…

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I was hoping for Sonya in goalie outfit :sob:

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I don’t know man, there’s some stiff competition… Gretel and Azar, I think they’re soccer fans too…

I think Isarnia with a goal keeper outfit and stopping/holding a football/soccer ball with her left hand would look good as well.

Sonya would be better for hockey. Just replace her sword with the hockey stick

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Google bloodbowl if you’re not familiar with it…orcs do play American football :grin:


We also have Muslim players in the game, who don’t celebrate easter…
That being said: we did get the offer (don’t know why it has to be that 250/9750 again) and that’s more than enough I think.

Who needs a football event? This isn’t a football simulator.


maybe they should add a “Ramadan” Special event? :rofl:
Getting candies at the end?? Would be cool :heart_eyes:

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