No five star heroes and no ascension materials

I’ve been playing this game for a long time and i used to have fun doing that, but i noticed that the chance of getting a five star heroes is 0% for me and i have only 8 four star heroes, i had the chance of ascend only 4 of them to the last tier because of the lack of ascension materials, i noticed that my alliance members whom are very new to the game they keep receiving a lot of 4* and 5* heroes , I’m happy for them but that is just not fair, I’m on level 30 and above all of that, today i hardly managed to complete the season 1 then the reward was a 3* hero. How I’m i supposed to get stronger and keep having fun and level my heroes and having fun and complete the season 2 and continue to play the game if i cannot get strong heroes and be able to level them… this is not fair and I’m sure that you will find me a solution regarding this issue… thats why I’m posting it .

Thank you so much

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I am level 34 dear and no 5* heroes till now only 12 4*. I leveled up most of them and i finished season 1 with a reward same of yours… finished and S2 and reward was the same… i agree the system is broken… and unfair… my advice is TC 20 and try make yourself 5* heroes by training permanently in that camp! Cheers

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How long your “long time” is? Are you a free to play or you can spend some money on the game?
What titan level you deal with?
What is your stronghold level?


Are you running TC13 (generally drops a 4 star every 2 months or so) and/or TC20 (drops a 5-star maybe every 2 months, 4 stars more often than that)? Those would be the “guaranteed” ways of getting them. Other than that, you should be getting 15-20 gems a day, plus Atlantis coins, which should allow you to occasionally summon at the portals. Generally the Atlantis has the best odds, followed by elemental/event. The normal summon is not really worth it, except when a seasonal summon is going on, so save your gold coins for then.


My long time is more than 14 months as i recall… and i dont know how to check the date of registration.

Yes i do spend some money.

We deal with a 6* titans.

My stronghold level is 17.

Thank you for quick reply

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Focus on getting your stronghold to 20,tuen a training camp to 20 and run it as much as you can. The odds aren’t great, but roughly a 20% chance to get a 4* or higher hero. Complete all the challenge evelents to get materials to ascend them, even if you need to craft battle items to complete. It’s a long grind, but will get easier as you get stronger heroes.

Try and either get your alliance up to stronger titans for better chances at materials or consider changing to a better alliance. These are your most frequent chance at better ascention mats.


You can go to Options and open Achievements at the very bottom of the screen, scroll down to “Complete tutorial” this will show the date when you started playing.

If you spend money on the game I’d recommend you buy a VIP pass to speed up building. You need stronghold maxed and at least on Training camp at level 20. TC20 is the most reliable source of 4 and 5* heroes.

VIP also gives you gems. Gems can be used on event summon. This is the best time for getting special or at least regular heroes.


For mats i would push for higher than 6* titans

At 14 months, you should be hitting at 12* by now

But due to your luck with heros and mats, at least 8*

And i didnt notice if anyone asked, but do you complete events and rare quests?


Go to settings and tap this icon to view your achievements:

Then find the “Complete tutorial” achievement and check the date it was awarded. The day you completed tutorial is the day you joined.

Hey Rigs,

I have been playing for a good year ( Level 47 ) and still hit 6* titans.
This is probabely because I founded my own alliance and keep taking on noobs ( no entry limit )

I dont feel like I am missing that much ( have enough ascencion mats ) but thats probabely because I am FTP and a tad unlucky when it comes to 5* pulling. :smile:

Just wanted to say there are different play styles in this game and killing 12* titans is not a must for a sucessfull career. :wink:


Some people like more casual gameplay i guess

Found it feb 28, 2108

And yeah i have the VIP PASS

Also i do all the events and the quests , i even work the TC13 which it only gave only one4* hero up to this moment .

I find it kinda weird because my alliance members just started to play almost 3 to 5 months ago and they already have three or four and more of 5* stars heroes . There must be something wrong… and the other players whom in my same level range they do have more than 10 … is that possible to be random for this to happen with me?

Unfortunately, when there are over a million players, even things that are very unlikely (like 60 pulls at TC13 without hitting a four star) are probably going to happen to SOMEONE. Not that it feels good to be that someone… But since the events are independent, every pull or summon could break your streak of bad luck.


Spending amount and luck plays a big part on how many heroes of 4* and especially 5* you get.

You really, really need to get to TC 20 ASAP as a cheap to play or free to play player. I’ve had the VIP for two months and one of those 2 builders should be pushing a TC at all times, if you can, and aren’t pushing the stronghold instead.


If they have the same level after 5 month that you have after 14 month it seems that you played the game with a very casual attitude. That is absolutely ok but coupled with the same luck I had in summoning your result is not that astonishing.

Get to TC 20 asap and cross your fingers. With my luck you will get about 3 5* in 150 summomings and maybe 30 4* during this time.

Hope your luck improves. :crossed_fingers:

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This only works for Android players.

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Same. This is for Android only.

You need to put everything you have into getting Training camp 20. Once you do you will get a consistent stream of 4* heroes and things will take off. Level iron storage level stronghold level training camps rinse repeat.
Good luck

It also only works if you had Google Play activated from the beginning. I had disabled Google Play on my phone and finally gave in on activating it about 6 months after I started playing in order to save my progress. I was thinking of upgrading my phone at the time (still contemplating 8 months later :woozy_face:). Thus my date for completing the tutorial is the day after I unlocked province 23.


And for OP as advised previously concentrate on getting to TC20, It WILL churn out 5* classic heroes at a better rate than summoning.