No finish battles after killing all heroes

It just happened twice to me: after I killed all enemies in raids, I got an empty field, but the game was continue. I still could match colors and looks like it still hit that last heroes. I am not sure, but looks like the first time that invisible heroes even kick me back. I did few hits before the battle finally stopped.
First time it happened yesterday - about 24-30 hours ago. And second time happened today - around 12 hours ago.

I’ve had the same thing happen on both raids and regular missions. One of the opponents is still there after you kill them. They still attack you until you hit them again. Can’t tell which position they are in, just have to randomly. It’s happened 2 or 3 times in the last couple of days.

In my case both times it was a person in right corner

Ok so its not just me.

Happened many times to me. Always in raids. Opposing hero is killed, “blows up”, disappears, but can still attack, be hit, do normal AND special attacks that cause actual health loss of my heroes. Only ever seen one “ghost” hero per raid. Only way to eliminate is to defeat all remaining visible enemies, if any, I’ve seen this with and without others, and then hit the ghost an additional time. I have two screen recordings that validate this. Image from the recording shows a Leonidas ghost executing his special on my Elena. Interestingly enough I eventually dispatched the ghost with Elena’s special.

This has happened to me twice already during regular missions. It is very frustrating! Does mentioning this in this thread help to get it fixed? If so, please fix it with the new update!!!

Just happened again. Again with Leonidas. My suspicion: Leonidas uses his special attack on my Elena with her special active (Perfect Riposte) which directs 115% damage back on him, killing him and he disappears BUT his special also heals him for 75% of his damage dealt so he remains as a ghost. Today he nearly resulted in me losing the raid. It took a considerable amount of attacks after all other heroes were dead to dispatch him. I have screen recording of his “ghost”.