No fine gloves

I don’t get fine gloves since feb 1st altough I open chests everyday!
Can’t level my heroes and I’m really tired of this situation.
One of my alliance got 6 of them in this period. He plays also F2P.


Hi there Meseeks! Sings the song :wink:

The items are random and seem to cycle for me (really noticeable with hidden blades on my game, apparently gloves on yours).

Per the game, Gloves can be obtained from Wanted missions (fill dat chest!), Titan battles and Challenge Events. Of course, the different difficulty levels naturally have different prizes.


Please please don’t start a thread about gloves lol.
I am the laughable guy among my friends because I received 22 fine gloves only this year!! Every loot possible brings me fine gloves! Don’t wanna see them for a year!!
I have 10 compasses and 27 fine gloves! How is that logical?? I don’t see a cape or shield or trap tools for a long time… every loot from Titan or Elemental Chest or any other is gloves!
Sorry for the abuse but please devs don’t increase gloves rate ingame! :face_with_monocle:

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…just increase it for Meseeks. :grin:

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I had a dry spell of over a month without getting gloves…by the time I finally got 1, o had 9 heroes to choose from for ascension…hang in there, they will show up…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I Like all of your comments :slight_smile:
I know it’s random but the randomness shouldn’t lead to a stagnation for months.


I still need fine gloves. I’m serious. No joke. The game becomes more and more unplayable for me. I love E&P but this isn’t right.


I’ve been in your exact position regarding gloves, and sat there waiting for weeks. Right now I have 9 pairs. All I can do is offer sympathy from experience and say that the numbers do balance out eventually.


I just got my 2nd pair from a titan battle. I am not in the same position you guys are in as I haven’t gotten to the point where I need them. But it will be coming soon and can tell it’ll be frustrating. Give it some time, level someone else and be happy when it comes!


This is how I feel about every single ascension item, 3 and 4* EXCEPT that Tabards have been by far the least frequent for me while every single other one has balanced over the 10 months or so I have been playing. Every single one goes through a drought and then a flood, again, except those fancy clothes. Coincidentally I also have 9 pairs now.

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Nice to hear from your experiences. I’ll give it some time and keep you up to date.

I’ve been playing this game from 3 months and I have never seen a pair of fine gloves. I have defeated 61 titans, every day I open a hero chest and every 2 days I open a raid chest, every day I watch the mystic vision and do all other missions and I have never had a pair of fine gloves. It is clear that they want you to buy them or don’t want everyone to ascend the heroes.


Today in farholm-pass are fine gloves. Farholm appears always after 2 months?

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There’s a repeating six quest cycle, roughly one per week or two. In addition to the cycle of named rare quests, Farholme Pass has two variants which appear to alternate. The other variation, which probably will show up next time we see Farholme Pass, has a compass and damascus blade as the major loot for the last two levels.


I got a second pair out of a blue chest :heart_eyes:
Come on SG one more XD

Yeah that Farholme quest gave me my first fine glove. My Caedmon’s fingers will not be frostbitten anymore on 8-7. My other heroes are also complaining of cold fingers. Hang in there brothers/sisters!

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Oh what I would give for some gloves. 4 heroes waiting to ascend and 1 pair of gloves. The only pair I have in nearly a year of playing!

Caedmon has his gloves, Rigard will be freezing in the land of the dark.

Suddenly got a glove from a titan chest and from that one offer with the orb of magic and yellow trainer. There is hope! I must burn some incense to thank my ancestors lol

It’s been nearly two months without gloves, or any other ascension materials. Considering my performance on titan battles, wars, this sucks!

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