No fairness with raids

Hi all. I understand that I cannot revenge a raid when player is on line except that come back to revenge in 2 hrs player is online. Come back I the evening player is online. Come back at midnight player is online. Come back in the AM and guess what player is online. WTF! Come back in 2 days player is online. Come back in 3 days player is online! Fine, I go back I a week and still player is online WTF!?!?!?!?! Sorry to rant everyone. I’m sure I’m not the only person this happens to and sorry if this subject has already been covered. Lately I’ve only been raided by players who are always online. Presently I have 11 raids consecutively that I cannot revenge. How is this fair? I’ve lost an average of 30 trophies each! Can anyone chime in and let me know what’s going on? Dev’s any response to this?

It is an unfortunate part of the game
. But to combat it the devs put in place anyone in the top 100 can be raided online or not so if is fairer at the top.
But if you can go back that far in your list for revenge then I wouldn’t complain as you are not raiding or being raided much. I am lucky if I can go back 24hrs but then I raid often

I raid on a minimum basis but get raided often only from players I cannot revenge. Or players playing on a different app version which also doesnt let me revenge. Apart from everything wrong this game I.e. summons , hero tweaks, community feeling like we dont get our monies worth etc… I’m about to give up and delete this game. I’ve over 100$ on this game which for me is utterly ridiculus

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