No evil boxes (Mysterious Chests) inside of this event (Knights of Avalon Challenge Event)

I’ve done over 150 replays, mostly autoplay on rare level 3, haven’t seen any of those chests. As others do confirm those chests are still there, I must have been pretty unlucky this time. I usually get a few of them every event, they just seem nonexistent to me this event.

Played 30 more levels, got one. So just bad luck before I guess.

Must report the other way around.

First and second day was really lucky, with several chests including two round with double chests.
Way over my average drop.

Now it calmed down, and it spams once from time to time.

I’ve had three chests so far in Rare and Epic once through (28 rounds so far), so once every 9-10 rounds.

RNGesus can be a bee-yotch.

I got one coin on Rare 5, 5 on Epic 9, and 1 on Legendary 8. The one coin chests died by tiles, the 5 coin chest died from a hero hit. I’m used to seeing 2-3 chests for each level of the event.

Fir what it’s worth, I’ve gotten a few. Last event, barely any. It’s all random. :man_shrugging:

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