No evil boxes (Mysterious Chests) inside of this event (Knights of Avalon Challenge Event)

Is it normal - for now see no box(chest) inside of this event.
(Chest in battle, for which you can receive additional event coin)

I also have a hard time finding the crates please check thank you

Luck is luck and RNG is still a RNG. I’ve completed the event twice, once I got only one chest, the second time I got 2. So 3 out of what is it, 90 stages?
Sometimes you get 3 in a row, sometimes you get 3 in 90 stages :slight_smile:
You can always farm them!
I hope you’ll get more this way!
Have a :cookie: ‘till then!

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I’ve completed all the rare stages and epic stages without reruns, but I’ve already encountered 5 chests. Everything is luck.
This is the end of this topic.

After Seadragons case during last AR I dont believe any RNG explanation. Too many people complain about it, I have the same feedback from my alliance members. The chests disappeared.

Almost completed all three stages, many levels were finished 3-4 times. Only one chest farmed.

I had like 5 or 6 of them in 150 matches.

I have met them 3 times in Legendary.

Cool, since it had little to do with RNG, and a lot to do with changes they made to loot tickets. If you don’t understand what happened, I recommend rereading either my posts on it or Petri’s which confirmed my hypothesis.

Have had that happen MANY previous challenges. I’d say my average is 4 chests for the entire event, including replaying numerous levels (especially rare-3).

I don’t know whether this is bug or not, and I know that this is all about RNG thing, but there have been no coin box during about 70 or 80 replay at Rare stage 3. Normally 1 or 2 coin boxes appeared, but now strangely no box is shown. Any problem like the previous Atlantis Rises?

I see 4 in my GF’s account. But none in my. It is just RNG.

Now I’ve done about 100 replay at the rare stage 3, and still no coin box. Yesterday my challenge coin was 1 in the inventory, cause I’ve spent 50 coins for summoning and 1 was left. And still 1 coin in my inventory even though I didn’t stop farming at rare stage 3 except sleeping. I hope that this is just a RNG as you said, not a bug. I’m not sure, though. Okay. I’ll keep replaying and let’s see what will happen.

Maybe this No evil boxes inside of this event
These chest are rare I got 1 iv done rare epic and half way through legandary.

1 box appeared a moment ago, so I think this is just a RNG, not a bug.

They are definitely working as normal.
I think I usually average (in events) anywhere up to about 50 - 70 energy on Rare Stage 3 for 1 coin.
I went a little while without any, and then today I used 106 energy and received 6 coins. Now I have used a full flask (53 energy) and have received 0.

Either my luck is changing or my RNG is out of whack. Usually, I might see 1 or 2 chests during the total event including a few re-runs. I’m about half way through and I’ve seen about 3 or 4.

I think you got one of mine. I have done 90 energy and no more lol. I am on 7 for the last 90 runs


It has always been pretty low, sometimes you get a couple in a row and then for quite some time nothing. I’ve gotten 8 so far, halfway Legendary and farmed rare 3 a lot.

I fineshed all of 3 Stages and i didn’t received any coin chest!!! It is unbelievable I played already almost 50 times and didn’t appear any chest!

Well that sucks. I got another 3 and GUNNAR!! yay, well worth waiting for lol

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