No Epic Troop Token or Epic Hero Token in the Last Month / Fewer Epic Tokens Lately / Drop Rate for Epic Tokens Decreasing / Did you get any Epic Tokens lately? / Epic Tokens Gone/Missing [MASTER]

Monthly event rewards are the best guaranteed source of gold tokens. Easiest to get the 6 troop tokens, but with effort can get the 6eht every month as well.

One of the best changes SGG has made for FTP and CTP with the increased and widened reward brackets

wow, ok, I didn’t realize you can get EHTs from challenge events unless you were impossibly high ranked?! I guess I need to check again this month. Thanks.

I guess it depends on your definition, but even with my alts I can pick up some if I try.

3 hours ago I was thinking if Elena was worth giving her rings. I decided to go for it. And now, I got my first red mana troop. I managed to get 2 yellow and one blue 4* troops since I started playing in March/April 2019. I play a lot…


I have 4 yellow mana (and another yellow 4*), 2 blue mana, 2 green mana… but still 0 red and purple 4*s =/

Since the first event i’ve always placed enough high to get coins from all 3 difficulties.
So it was 3 before, 6 now every month.

Then i skip chests, getting about 3-4 elemental chest per month which are a good source of it.

I open a war chest once every 2 weeks so about 2 per month, and titan chest about once every 4 days at average. Other good source of it.

Seasonal events and random loots also give me a reasonable quantity of it.

Let’s say right now i get at least 12-15 per month, which means about 160 per year.

But wars take a week, so if you always win, you finish a war chest in 5 weeks, and titans take 1 day per, so if you have a 100% winrate, it’s every 5 days? How do you get 2 weeks and 4 days? I must be missing something fundamental about this game.

A single war don’t last 1 week :sweat_smile:

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This thread is old but I figured I’d share this here instead of making a separate thread about this.

Does anyone else feel like Epic Hero Tokens are rarer than many of the other tokens or coins that’s currently in the game? Even the 1 Challenge Event coins from Suspicious Chests are more common than EHTs.

I always thought that was purely down to the relative value of the coin/token

An Eht is the only item equivalent to a single pull.

A challenge coin is 1/10 of a pull

A Valhalla coin is 1/100 of a pull

So it makes sense for an Eht to be the rarest.

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I rarely get any EHTs, only have 6 and i spent the ones i had in the Christmas event so since it ended i got only 6.
ETTs on the other hand seem to be dropping very frequently for me. The last ninja Tower i spent 43 tokens all of which i got since the previous ninja event. Only in the last 2 days i got 5 ETTs so there is no shortage in those.

When Season 2 and Epic Hero Summons were probably the only places to really get anything (and I can’t remember what Challenge Events were like before the coins were added. Did people have to use gems?), sure.

But with 7 different portals with their own respective portal of heroes and Seasonal Events months apart (except for Halloween and Christmas being a month break apart), EHTs are kinda valueless. Not to mention every portal has what EHS has anyway. If I wanted to get Gunnar or Chao or Quintus, EHS wouldn’t be the only place; even Taverns, despite what it could have been, is a viable option without needing to do a lot of waiting around.

I’ve noticed that as well. ETTs are waaay more common and outside of HA9, it’s the literal only place to get what you need, Epic (4*) troops. There aren’t as many portals where those troops are suddenly available everywhere through alternative methods.

EHS and their coins could use more than rotating seasons to make getting EHTs feel fun and exciting again.

Not really, I save them for seasonal events.

Killhare and Santa say ‘value’ to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, there is definitely a debate to be had around chronic Season One fatigue with all the portals.

But I think that’s different to saying that Eht are not valuable compared to other currency.

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Killhare and Santa are very valuable, but it’s a little unfortunate they only come around when the seasons change. They don’t have to be permanent fixtures, but I do hope the portal gets something updated about it.

As of rn, I’m starting to save and not pull just to get rid of the number or test my luck because things are looking good somewhere else.

That’s normal. It only takes one EHT to summon, while challenge tokens, you need ten… Anyway, EHT are all but extinct, except for the guaranteed ones. Since christmas, I got 31 ETT, including FR2 ones, but only ONE EHT (I just complete the events for the tier rewards)… at this rate, Springvale will drift away with no pulls for me… and that’s not RNG.

I actually kept a record from January last year for how many I got and where from. Here was my findings.

War Chest 4
Mystic Vision 4
Elemental Chest 9
Regular wanted chest 2
Titan chest 1
Titan loot 1

Plus 2 from the first Mythic titan with the bugged loot, where I was lucky enough to be in the band that got me the best results for EHTs.

21/23 for the year doesn’t seem to bad, even if they do always seem few and far between.

So far this year I have got 6 EHTs

1 from titan loot
3 from elemental chests
1 from mystic vision
1 from war chests

I think it is safe to say that the elemental chests are where I am finding the bulk of my EHTs and that is why I am trying to prioritise filling my chests as quick as I can.

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Since the end of wonderland i got only 3 eht, so just that in almost 2 months…

So far this year I have got 1 EHT

0 from titan loot
0 from elemental chests
0 from mystic vision
0 from war chests
… and the main event, 1 from regular monster chest…

Last christmas I used 8 EHT, which was all I gathered since 2020 Springvale… I think is safe to say, for me, EHT are the most rare and hard to get item in the whole wide E&P world…

Just had conversation in in-game global chat with person who saved over 30 tokens since Springvale and was so confused that I managed to get 2 EHTs since… January. So, yeah, some people are able to save 100 tokens per year in chase of Mother North, while other people won’t be able to get 10 of them in the same time. I’m sadly in the 2nd group. Yeah.