No Epic Troop Token or Epic Hero Token in the Last Month / Fewer Epic Tokens Lately / Drop Rate for Epic Tokens Decreasing / Did you get any Epic Tokens lately? / Epic Tokens Gone/Missing [MASTER]

I’d rate them somewhere between 3 and 4 star ascension mats. A 3.5 star item.

Yeah, im saying i see less of them recently

What’s an epic hero token?
:rofl: :laughing: :rofl:


The gold coin that let you pull a 3, 4 or 5*hero

Epic hero summon token? Is that not what its cslled?

(Sorry, irony was hard to hear)


I have 9 of it stocked for trying march HOTM. They’re quite rare indeed but it comes once in a while.

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:rofl: its hard to read irony off a screen

I swear i used to get more


I was in a drought for a long time and then I recently started hording them, and now they seem to be showing up much more frequently.

8 saved up since becoming of Feb.

I’ve not had too many either of late. 4 maybe since December. One I paid for. One I got as a reward for completing legendary challenge. 2 in the last week one from mystic vision and one from my latest war chest. I got 4* purple and 3* greens

I agree they do seem harder to come by the last few months.

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Sg nerfed everything including mystic vision loots from war, missions and even elemental missions.

12 saved since beginning of January… about on par with Kayo

I have forgoten what they look like!
I get soooo many daily ones from loot i get super excited when i pull a 3* with one :joy::joy::joy:

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I agree, I’ve also forgotten what they look like.
The token, like everthing has been nerfed to oblivion.

They’re so stingy with everything in this game.
But they want you to enjoy your game by rewarding you with feathers & rocks.

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Just to remond ourselves of what these endangered tokens look like:

I just noticed that they reused the artwork from dragon tiles on the board…

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I’ve gotten 8 so far this month on my normal account and only 1 on my alt account. Just like everything else In this game, they are extremely random. Sometimes they come pouring in and sometimes they don’t.

soon as my main team was over 3k epic hero tokens literally vanished. i used to get them out if my colored chests now all i get is 3 daily summons. Not looking for handouts but don’t turn them down either

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I had 7 this month but no dice

Just Friar Truck and friends