No Epic Troop Token or Epic Hero Token in the Last Month / Fewer Epic Tokens Lately / Drop Rate for Epic Tokens Decreasing / Did you get any Epic Tokens lately? / Epic Tokens Gone/Missing [MASTER]

For some good two months i havent seen epic token,neither from any chest titan,wanted,color,raid,and war…are rhe like totally nerfed or is it possibility to get them gone to some really p2w odds…0.3?
Im curious coz back then,some 2 months i knew to get 1 from i donno,lets say 20-40 chests although i never did get any hero above 3 from token(only 5 i got is aegir costed me gems)…:would really luke to hear similar experiences.thanks

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That’s normal, the game is prone to streaks of good and bad luck. You’re on a bad streak.

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Just bad luck, haven’t gotten any Epic tokens for two months and the moment I started complaining about it in my alliance I got three in just two days…


Because of this i started this topic too. Not much response too it:

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They’ve been drastically reduced from loot drops. I mostty see them in flash sales and challenge / quest rewards. But, I’ve been tracking all of my monster/raid/titan chests for the past couple of month. Out of 298 chests, I’ve gotten 5 epic hero tokens, 7 epic troop tokens and 242 summon tokens. Don’t expect to see them in regular chests. Most of those Epic Hero Tokens came from elemental chests.

Trouble is mate i dont see them in them either,had really goood luck with wanted elwmental chests,4 in a month!think i never gonna beat that record,but not a aingle token there,not even troop…they cutted •••• an im worried new update is gonna cut it even more…come on devs its not like i or anyone gonna get 5* from every token,give us a fighting chance ffs i think tbh your wallets have thickend enough till now…with respect

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Wors part is im not gonna spend a nickle anymore because in 30 pulls only thing hardly wort mention is valeria…think i better go and bet real madrid’s gonna win finnish league:/…and yes dont get me wrong im not whining its my decision to spend that money but man…30 pulls
=1-4* blue valeria. 1-4* scarlett(cry) and hell of a lot of banes urlichs and whole •••• church of friar tucks…

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Key Rook,was kinda hangover and really irritatted when i wrote it:)


Sg i really appreicate ur hard work and like nay hard work u earn it hard with ur hands…im not rich,in my country im lowes middle class and anything i buy and i did buy stuff that could feed my mother and me 2-3 months…im not getting any ep rokens from any source(chests raids titans u name it) more than 2 months…mY hard earned money went to pulls from frustration not getinng any token…and of course no 5* still…please give some of us poor fighting chance,i can never contribute like players from 100 but with respect some of them think 200€£ is change…but i still contribute how my opportunities allow me…thanks for time hope u buuf up tokens coz its anyway low chance of getting anything and 3 of my friends deledet game…i mean more than 230 chests no token?..respect

I know how you feel.

I’ve been playing this game for nearly a year, and I have one 5* hero. I got her from the training area, from the level 20 training camp. She is stuck waiting for her 4th ascension because I lack a compass and a potion. Almost all my 4* are lacking a compass to enter their final ascension.

Try not to get frustrated, even though I do with this game daily.

Most of my epic tokens are earned. I got the one from the Molrovia/Halloween event which ended up becoming the woman vampire from that event; I think her name is Valeria. She’s 4*, but she is VERY vicious.

My suggestion for people that can’t pay for the game, for whatever reason, is the following:

1- boost your 4* heroes as best as you can.
2- use the 4* heroes in the special/challenge events to earn the epic tokens.
3- concentrate on getting a level 20 training camp and research the level 20 “legendary” training type.
4- save up 2600 gems, which I did, then wait for a challenge event and do the event summon x10. It might get you a 5* or some decent 4*. When I did this, I received both Hansel and Gretel. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve appreciated their ability to reduce mana AND deal damage.

5* heroes are a goal, and it sucks when you face an opponent that has a team of 5* heroes with 4* troops, almost all of which are maxed out. But understand that there are some real gems for 4* heroes. I get a secret thrill when Hansel or Gretel take out Richard, or Quinoa [sp?] , or the other 5* heroes that you likely covet. And I’m loving Valeria, even though i haven’t gotten her maxed yet. Compound bleeding is just great when I can get the timing down. Of course, I need a compass and a cloak to get her final ascension.

And so it goes.

All the best in all you do while staying true.

Theres tc-20 for a reason. Its gave me better results than summons. 1 5* in paid summons, 4 5* in tc20.

The only issue with TC-20 is that you don’t get access to the event heroes, or the hero of the month. I’ve had TC-20 for about 6 months. I get mostly 3* with it. I got one 5*, one time, I think on my second or third attempt, but nothing since. Lots of 3*, a few 4*. But of you have 4 5* from your camps, I’d call you blessed.

One 5* after spending $250 is horrendous! But, I’d ask which and how many 4* you received.

The past that makes this so sickening is reading posts from people that get 5* characters just thrown at them. I read a person talking about how the Atlantis summon gave him three 5* for 200 coins and 350 gems… that is insane.

I regularly get attacked by teams of fully ascended 5*, once it was a TEAM consisting only of 5* heroes of the month! That’s insane!

But, we’re still here, so we agree that this is okay.

I’m sorry you paid $250 and only got one 5*. Perhaps the ones you are ale to summon are make up. I haven’t been able to purchase at all because of the way the game handles purchase requests, so that might be part of my issue. I still use the legendary summon occasionally, but I can get 3* heroes without using 100 recruits and two days if that’s all I get.

I’m curious if this is just a really bad streak that I’m on or if it’s a more prevalent issue, but it’s been more than a month and a half since I’ve received anything other than a silver token.

I spent all of the ones I had saved up (about 6-7 at the time) at the beginning of September in an attempt to get Khiona. Since then, I’ve yet to see a single one outside of special offers.

Back when I was tracking ascension materials and tokens, I’d say I averaged about 2-3 of each per month, and I’d supplement that with some special offers to boost it to about 4-5.

Going from getting one every 10 days or so to now not seeing one in 40+ is starting to seem a bit odd. I haven’t slowed down the amount of chests I open, so I don’t quite understand the dramatic drop off.

Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?


I’ve had a couple of each over the past few weeks. I’m saving the hero tokens for the Halloween event.

I got a troop token in an ice chest today. But that was the only thing worth anything in the chest. No mats…

At the moment epic hero tokens are very rare. I got 2 in bout 3 months.

Haven’t seen one in months, they seem to have replaced them with regular summon tokens. I get the very odd epic troop token which I don’t care for, would rather have a hero token any day.

is it just me of has anyone noticed the rapid decrease in getting and epic hero token recently? Ive not seen any in a while and its odd to not get one in a fire chest. Ive asked a few people and they’ve not seen any in a while. Maybe since version 19 update.

Is anyone feeling the same, do you think the developers have decreased the drop rate? Just food for thought, ive noticed a lot of changes happening since zynga