No Epic Troop Token or Epic Hero Token in the Last Month / Fewer Epic Tokens Lately / Drop Rate for Epic Tokens Decreasing / Did you get any Epic Tokens lately? / Epic Tokens Gone/Missing [MASTER]

In the past month i haven’t seen not even one epic troop or hero token even if i did all the missions from the raids and the monsters. This is frustrating guys … only bones herbs and axes …


I’m not certain why. I did not track all of the epic troop tokens, but I’ve had several. I received 5 epic hero tokens on one account and 7 on another. I am not certain why you have not received any. Better luck this month.

All the ppl in my alliance say there is a problem with my account… ■■■

You may want to submit a work ticket.

What’s that a work ticket

Contact game support and let them know there may be a problem with your account. They will look into it and see if there is a problem or if you are just having a run of bad luck.

Thx man will do it now

it’s been almost 2 months since I got an epic hero coin, it’s frustrating

This game is broken man…

I may think that my account is broken or that there is a problem that i am active 24/7… in the past month i didn’t recieved any epic troop token or epic hero token. I’m doing all the misions and quests but still nothing … my friends in the alliance allways get something from the missions but not me… i’m starting to think that this game is not for me…

Mine is also broken then, I got the last epic hero coin almost two months ago

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Dupe thread: No epic troop token or epic hero token in the last month

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I haven’t seen a gold hero coin in four months, but I did just get a gold troop coin thirty minutes ago. It yielded a much needed four star yellow troop. I wish rewards were an “intelligent random” that improved odds over time when things remain missing.

They are random that is why. You’re having some bad luck.


Just for Info:
I got 1 epic hero token and at least 4 epic troop tokens in the last month.

I’ve seen a definite uptick in my hero tokens as well. Went months getting none at all, but have gotten 3 hero coins the last couple weeks, along with a couple troop tokens.

It’s not like they’re gonna give anything anyways lol

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Mine’s gonna give hotm, Guinevere, and Panther!

It can’t give guin nor panther. Still hoping they implement event coins

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FWIW, I did get an epic hero token late in January and decided to cash it in, rather than hold it. Got Renfeld and Zeline with it. One out of two ain’t bad!

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