No emblems for IOS users on Titan

I think it kind of sucks that people can get emblems from the Titan as long as they don’t have IOS … I call foul!

No users should be getting emblems from regular titan loot. There is a small chance for emblems from rare titans. As an iOS user myself, I’ve gotten emblems from titan chests.

What case did you see that leads you to think there is an inequity?

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I have got them from a Titan chest … but our alliance killed a rare Titan today and the announcement even said with the update rare Titans could give tokens But IOS update wasn’t ready… some non IOS users in our alliance got 20 or more on the kill and not from a chest.

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How many non ios users got emblems? Did any non ios users not get users? Did any ios users get emblems?

At least 2 non iOS users got some… one got 20 and the other got 30 there may or may not be more , as I haven’t had a reply from everyone yet. So far 0 for IOS users and even in the announcement it said it was part of the update, and if the update isn’t ready for IOS , then it stands to reason IOS users couldn’t possibly get them. I am just wondering if it wasn’t ready for everyone… why release it? The announcement says the VIP free emblems wouldn’t start until they have it rolled out for IOS also.

Problem is that emblems have a “chance” at dropping from rare titans

So hard to say if it’s because you guys didn’t get the update or if it’s because you just didnt have a lucky roll

Once you have more info, it should help paint a better picture

Hope you find the answer you’re looking for.

My question for the developers is this: is it “possible” for IOS users to have a “chance” of getting them from rare Titan loot?

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@Petri @Sara

Read above

We will be rolling out the update for iOS as soon as Apple approves it. Additionally, once the update is available for everyone, we will enable Embles for the VIP Passes.


My alliance has killed a rare titan (12*), and all of those who are on Android have updated the game and many got 10 to 50 emblems. In the meantime, since I am on iOS, I cannot update and don’t want to log in the game and pass on the emblems in the loot. This really sucks. My world energy flags go to waste, I cannot do the new Trial, cannot farm, etc.

Tempted to flag that as off topic lol

You didn’t mention anything about the current status of rare titans

But thanks for the response anyways i guess

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