No elemental chests given

The issue I’m having is that I haven’t received an elemental chest —- fire, nature, water etc for a very long time now( close to two months I think if not longer). Most members in my alliance of Heathens of sparta receive them at least once a week or at least once every two weeks.
I’m not sure if I got passed or glitched or something but I’d really like to be given those since they give great loot and ascension items and are great to receive as it keeps the excitement etc.
thank you in advance!

They only way you can help yourself in this completely RNG based game is to complete as many wanted chests as you can. Your alliance mates may be finishing 3-5 chests a day and speeding up the elemental chest frequency. (There is still luck/badluck involved)


How many chests are you completing a day? My research is showing a common thread that it takes on average between 25-45 chests for me to get them (or thereabouts). So for me 7-10 days is about how often I get them.

Someone posted they got one back to back (i’d have to see this one to believe it possible, not that I doubt it can happen), and others post they get them even less frequently.


As @2Spookd notes, as far as we know the elemental chests have some chance of popping up each time you finish a basic Wanted mission (possibly with a cool-down or some other tweak). Time your play to be at full world flags when your monster chest timer finishes, and complete it right away (7-4 and 8-7 are good for that purpose). Consider spending a few gems to accelerate the monster chest. Finish your heroes chest as soon as you can; use raid flasks if you’re close. Hit every Titan and get your alliance to be Titan-killers. In short, finish as many boxes as you can as quickly as you can to improve the frequency of getting elemental chests.

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I have spent gems each month to speed it up. I have not gotten one elemental chest since November…

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@ all that responded thank you by the way.
I’m not sure why it’s been 2 months when I used to get them at least 1 a month. I didn’t know if there was a reason and I asked my allaonce the same thing. Everyone gets one 2-3 weeks tops

That is weird. You can put in a ticket and see what SG says, I’d be curious to know, if it really has been 2-3 months of diligent chest filling with no elemental chests, if there was indeed something wrong. That would be horrible luck if there’s nothing wrong.

If the odds are 1 in 35, and you do 5 chests a day, your odds of going 90 days without a rare chest are 1 in 462,495. But if you only do 1 chest a day, your odds of going 90 days without a rare chest are 1 in 13.

So complete your Wanted: Monster, Heroes and Titan chests whenever they reset. But people win the lottery with worse odds than 1 in 462, 495. The OP is most likely just very unlucky.

Personally I have gone 19 days between rare chests, but am currently averaging 10 days.

Formula 1 / ( 1 - ( 1 / 35 chest between rares ) chance of regular chest ) ^ ( 90 days * chests per days )

I noticed a 2 Month+ delay on the special chests when I stopped raiding.

Are you doing all the Wanted chests (monster, hero/raid, titan), as often as you can?

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I raid daily. I am just not sure

I’ll keep you company till the recalcitrant chest pops. :wink:

Thanks Rook! :drooling_face:
I’m waiting but I don’t want to keep waiting. I’ve left this game to come back to nothing changed and the allaonce wars are really weak and disappointing. I stopped beta testing due to this. It’s sad and unimpressive for what the community has probably asked for and given.
I can’t get anything. I’ve spent money. I’ve spent time. And I don’t get a ■■■■ chest in over 50days

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Gosh that sounds frustrating. :confused:

What shall we do in the meantime? I’m no good at finding artwork twins, or writing awesome stories. Shall we play Pooh sticks? :blush:


I haven’t seen an elemental chest in the past 3 months either and I’ve been completing the other chests as soon as they are ready.

I’ve had two in a row after 15 chest openings, which is like every 4-5 days…odd…