No elemental chest

I’m almost certain there’s a problem with my account. Since I changed my device, my account identifier has changed twice. I have been clearing off chests as much as possible but I still haven’t gotten an elemental chest in the longest time. What is wrong???

How long, exactly? Are we talking like a couple weeks, or like months?

Up to 6 weeks now. And I’ve had some serious chest skipping done.

That’s not super unusual for Elemental Chests for some players, from what I’ve seen, but it’s definitely very unusual for someone who’s regularly skipping Chests.

I only speed up Raid Chests, and routinely get Elemental Chests around 9-10 days apart on average. (My log is here.)

I doubt they’ll tell you anything other than a generic answer initially, but I think it’s worth contacting Support and asking if they can investigate their logs to understand if there might be a bug or other issue, since the frequency seems to have changed despite other factors staying the same.


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