No Elemental Chest in 4 Months!

I haven’t seen one since I started raiding regularly 4 months ago, despite finishing regular chests as soon as they appear. What gives? I opened a support ticket but haven’t heard back yet.


They are really rare I’ve had 4 in 5 months of playing and I do at least 1-2 monster chest daily and raid chest every couple days, I thought it was bad for me hope they fix it soon and your luck changes!

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I used to get them once every four weeks. But, lately I have been using gems (up to five) to speed up the reward chest reset and have been getting elemental chests every one to two weeks. The lousy rewards found in those chests are a different story.

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How many Wanted chests do you complete daily? Do you use gems to speed them up? (Some players say this helps speed up the arrival of the Rare Wanted chests.)

Please post your update! :slight_smile:

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I do all the time as previous convo I pay to speed up (use gems) and still not speeding it up maybe if I’m lucky get 1 a month hence the reason I haven’t seen the loot tickets given out yet.

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As I posted elsewhere, some have received loot tickets via wanted chest, rare wanted chest and via Titan loot. Those are the screenshots I’ve seen so far. :slight_smile:

Thanks for addressing the topic pointed out which is the elemental chest being rarely seen by quite a lot of people, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I think the frequency of their occurrence was nerfed. But even still I had the feeling that I had to wait an unusual long time lately. As it finally occurred, it was behind my titan chest! And we had to let go some 10* titans during that time, so that it took a long time to complete that titan chest.
Do you kill titans on a regular basis?
Did anyone else ever observed a longer waiting time when an elemental chest is behind a titan chest?

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Actually, i feel they more frequent now. Try to skip more chests per day, hope that help.

I complete the raid and monster chests twice a day and the titan chests every 5 titans. I don’t think using gems to speed them up is going to help since I haven’t seen any in months.

I’ve seen other posts where people say they get them every week to 10 days so 4 months can’t be normal.

Well, that’s because they’re skipping

A lot of people aren’t speeding them up and they are still getting them regularly. I used to get them regularly without using gems.

I told you what to do, if you don’t want to listen, come to terms with rarity of elemental chest.

And I’m telling you that other people are getting them without spending gems to speed them up and I used to get them before I started raiding regularly. What part of that don’t you understand?

Well, whine some more, then. Maybe that will help?

I didn’t realize that pointing out an obvious problem was an invitation for your unprofessional opinion, unless you are a dev here. Are you?

It’s not a problem, its just another whining thread.

So you’re not a dev and you don’t know how often they are supposed to appear with or without gems. That’s what I thought.

Devs won’t answer here. Send a support request here: