No 'edit defense team' button

@tdg if Google translated from Dutch (or so Google said :grin:) it appears that you were put into spectator mode. The message indicates that you don’t have 5 heroes in your team, which I’m assuming you are trying to correct?

Is your team actually shown in the field? It’s difficult to tell thru the wording on the screen…

I’m trying to have a defense team. I marked the box to participate. My team is not on the screen.

@tdg that helps - thanks! I believe what may have happened is you placed the check mark in the box after the war matching was locked down and/or your alliance was already matched. Once the war matching has started you cannot add your team into the field.

Does this sound like what happened?

If this is what happened, you will have to wait until the next war to participate. Your team should be added to the field automatically and you’ll be able to adjust the heroes and troops then.

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That helps. Thank you.

Glad that answered your question!

@Rook @Kerridoc this can be closed if you are so inclined :grin:

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