No duplicate heroes in a team

Simple idea and keeps OP constrained a bit. Don’t allow one hero to appear in the same team, offense or defense, and costume with no costume counts since it is the same hero.

It also makes sense from a role playing perspective as there is only one Odin, so it makes no sense to allow 2 in one team

I like it but,
You would think since skills don’t stack, that a double-up would weaken a defense or offense,
By reducing the effects. And encouraging a stack.

It’s never been a fortuitous move before.
on second thought… that did work for GM, before Kingston.
Maybe we should just fix the hero that’s spreading like COVID instead?

Or release a very fast hero that changes all green tiles to red.

Sorry, but I don’t think this proposal makes sense. You’re thinking of the occasional top player with two Odins or Alfrikes, but this will hurt more those with limited rosters that depend on their two Caedmons or Sonyas, which is basically the majority of players in this game.


I never found doubling up to be worse than the hero alone. Doubling up allows less diversity and complementary effects in the opposing team. They will also compete for emblems.

No duplicates also punishes those f2p that can’t get RNG to give them non-dupe heroes. I for one have two maxed Lianna and would not be happy not being able to use them both together in my mono green stack (which is my weakest colour even with two of her).

I could be wrong but…

I think @Drewrobi is looking for a solution to this:

Frigg needs a big nerf - #177 by Elpis

Which… is only the beginning of something curious, indeed…

As the previous punishment we both mentioned. Seems to no longer apply, for the defender that is

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She kinda already did something about this. Before talent grids were available there were alot more defence teams with duplicate heroes. I remember back in the day fighting 5 vivicas it was tough lol but it was still a fun battle tho. Also you would have alot of unhappy players if this were to happen. If I used 12 darts on Odin for example but then did not have the option to use both of them whenever I felt like it, I’d be a little disappointed to say the least

Bumping this. This should be implemented. Duplicate C Panthers or Joves are a complete joke. Heck I even faced a team with two Waterpipes the last war. Just make it so you can only use 1 of each hero.


I think the restriction makes a lot of sense for PvP. And since E&P has situations where multiple heroes is still advantageous (like wars), anyone with dupes isn’t left with a useless character. I don’t think this is necessary for PvE, although it may be easiest to implement this without exceptions.

I’d fine either way with costumes counting (or not) as a unique hero.

There should be a dislike button for the ideas I am strongly opposed to.


Which dupes are in your defense?

Not limited to defense. I do use dupes on offense.

I’ve been saying this for a minute now but only in regards to war type formats. Let people keep their family bonuses and stuff for the events and their duplicates so you don’t completely Rob people. We’re supposed to demonstrate skill through five different Heroes used to create one team. Basically it just requires more of a thought process when determining your defensive team and it’s also nice cuz I’m getting sick of all these duplicate GPS cuz it’s just boring. I also believe it should apply to offense as well, so war in general. I don’t even keep duplicates because it bores me.

I would even take it one step further and have the game dictate the same but random tank color for both teams. I would love to see some more strategy in some way implemented into this game so people can’t just buy their way to the top they actually have to use their brain.

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You’re so wrong you couldn’t be more wrong. These are not paywall issues, they are balance issues.

Two C Panthers go off in 4-5 turns and if you don’t have your 3 matches by then, you’re dead. Keep pretending there’s some awesome counter. Four Joves go off in 4-5 turns… Again, keep thinking there’s some awesome counter. The only counter is getting tiles before they go off. I dont care what five heroes you bring. Nothing survives. That’s a real balance problem, but keep making it about “crybabies” who “can’t afford the paywall.” Pitiful.

I think the best way to approach this is to allow duplicate heroes in any team but put a penalty on the entire team. So if they have 2 costumed G. Panther, all heroes in the team will get a -20% attack, defense and mana regeneration that can’t be dispelled by any special, stage effect, etc… For each additional duplicate add another -20% penalty to all those stats. G. Panther and non-costumed Panther should count as different hero so penalty is not applied. This will encourage players to have more variety in team composition in defense instead of the 3 costumed GP/Jove.

Just defence teams should be restricted, when you click set as def it should have a message that requires unique heros only.

This would not necessarily negatively effect the top players as they should have a decent depth roster.

It would make raids more diverse and interesting.

I raid with 2 Joons because I have a pretty limited 5* roster despite having played for years. I think strictly disabling multiple copies of a hero being used in one team could be pretty harmful to people with situations such as myself. Sure, I could substitute Chao or something in there but it’s no Joon.

Panther is a kind of unique problem because almost everybody had her to begin with and then you give an OP costume together with an additional copy of her, and it’s basically mathematical that people are going to be running her doubled up.

At least other OP heroes require you to pull twice at ridiculous odds. Haven’t seen a team with two Annes yet or two Joves.