NO duplicate game/chat names!

Yes, agreed and an easy fix… Simple argument in the game header to query database table (playername) and not allow same character matches… Give me access to the source and I’ll do it for you :grin::joy::joy::joy:

Was it a true duplicate or a look alike, say they used Shooo or Sho?

Just curious as I have not see the issue yet. :relaxed:

Same name “Shoo” and same profile picture, intended to make it hard to distinguish between original (who is a member in my guild) and the impersonator

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Wow, that is not good. Once a name is taken it should not be possible to have the same name.

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I’ve run into the same issue. Trolls have tried to impersonate our alliance leader and jump in after the leader goes to help a friend with a titan.

Every game has trolls. It’s just the nature of the internet, but we don’t have to make it easy for them. Make display names unique.


Hi SGG-Team, I’ve just find a small topic regarding the player names only…

But it seems that it becomes a bigger problem every day, that it’s possible to use the excat name twice or more often for a new/existing player AND alliances!

Players set their names to existing ones, just for kidding or even to harm someones good reputation!

Same for alliances…and that’s really not funny, it seems that some players wanna take a benefit of the good reputation of a big, well-known alliance to “grab” new players.

Well, you can’t prohibit the likewise names but at least the excat matching names (case insensitv).


I have hated this for months now. This is the first and only game I’ve encountered where duplicate names can exist.


  • Eliminate duplicate player names

  • Eliminate duplicate alliance names (should this really even need to be a request??)

It seems to me that the oldest/most active person/alliance should get to keep the name.


Yeah for real. I can’t believe this has to be such a long battle.

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It’s a simple change in the database (adding a unique constraint) and then adding some error handling in the code to return “This name already in use” instead of some nasty SQL exception abending the connection.

I would suggest this isn’t hard when even a non-software developer knows how to do it SG :).


I don’t think it is a technical challenge, lol :slight_smile: But with millions of players, do you really want to require unique names? Nothing is more frustrating than to get “Sorry! The name John is taken, can we interest you in John2734?” I think it is great that you can pick any name you want, even if it is taken. And I haven’t seen it to cause much problems either.

That said I would have made the alliance names unique. At least player X from alliance Y is most likely unique then.

Thanks for the feedback.

At the moment we don’t have plans to make player names unique, exactly for the reason guessed by Arien. We already show the XP level next to the name in the chat, and are definitely open to other suggestions how to prevent impersonators and trolls.

Regarding the alliance names. We actually intended them to be unique, but unfortunately the uniqueness check is case-sensitive. We do have plans to make the check case-insensitive, so that the oldest Alliance gets to keep their name.


I understand your reasoning but don’t agree at all. The problem with “name is taken please another name” is a problem but not imo close to the problem with players with the same name in chat. It is true you can try to keep track by remembering level and hero setup and so on but normally people only have time to register and avatar. I’ve seen new people arrive with my name in chat and I see how people respond thinking it is me.

I don’t think these people are impersonators, just people who happend to pick the same name. It has become a problem for both of us in that situation.

Also: as a new player I would be interested in being able to make sure that I pick an unique name. I would not be happy to find that others already had the same name.

All that said, this problem doesn’t really keep me up at night. It is an inconvenience and if able to make a choice I would definitively choose a unique check 10/10


I was thinking, I know I wanted a unique name. At 500 gems a pop after your free name change, it would be nice to at least have an alert that says ‘The name you have chosen is not unique. Would you like to continue?’


One problem is that the popup would probably be shown to most players changing their name. Another problem is that while your name might be unique when you pick it, the situation may change in the future.

I agree with Arien’s suggestion, at least make it unique within an alliance; as players come and go they can get a digit tacked on the end and a free renaming maybe. Also give us more portraits!

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I did not suggest that. What I meant was that if alliance names would be unique then it is impossible to troll by creating a character and alliance with same name as someone else

Arien of Seven Days Departed would at least be unique, unless a second Arien would join our alliance. I think in that case we would require a name change from the recruit to avoid confusion.

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As you suggest someone would need to change names to potentially join an alliance with that, and that’s pretty suboptimal… and harder to implement come to think of it.

I’m in favor of unique names TBH, even League of Legends which peaked at 100m monthly players manages to do that though I don’t know if they’re unique across zones; however, given that many of the players are in China the counts dwarf this game probably forever.

I really can’t understand the argument for not having unique names. Relevate_ or Revelate123 or whatever isn’t that big of a deal to live with.


Sorry Arien, I obviously misunderstood. But if I changed my name to Arien and tried to join 7dd then we would have that name conflict. In any case, I don’t know how pervasive a problem this is.

I have seen three Rook’s so far (including myself). When it’s an accidental duplicate, I have no issue. When it’s intentional—by a troll—to cause confusion in GC or steal identity, I am very concerned. :confused:


In lol, they made so you lose your name if vent none aktive for and x time. So they can use når over again.

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