No Drama... Just Loot

Twilights Bastion is a fun, casual alliance that still manages to kill titans and win wars. Come join our casual gamer family.

  • Titans: 9*-10*, we can do more but we prefer to save items for events :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • War optional, but all flags used if opted in.
  • Cups: 2000+ recommended, can drop if you want.

We got a Line group if you wanna drop in for a chat ~

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@Nadis Not sure if this is the same Nadis formerly from 13 King of Battle but sorry to see you go! There’s a spot for you at Twilights Bastion, though and I think will be a better fit for you

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@Seef824 this would be a good match for what you guys are looking for :slight_smile:
Has space for 6-7

Hey Go0fey4… It is me… I am still chilling with LEM berg at the moment… I will look at bastion next… I see u r still with 13 king of battle though… I ll wait till u get back.

I’ll probably go back after this next war. Just hanging out with my dad for a while. But no need to wait for me if you don’t want to—my buddies @afffds and @fight_happy are expecting you. You’re missed at 13 King of Battle!

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