No Drama Just Loot! - Twilights Bastion

Come join Twilights Bastion— a great, fun alliance. Our usual range is 8-9* titans, but we killed a 10* rare the other day! Just to show you what we can accomplish when we all work together. Wars optional, use all flags if you opt in. I’m goofey4 on Line if you have questions.
Kill the titan! Get the loot! Have fun!


8-9 star titans are our regular… but we need a few more active casual gamers to keep taking down bigger prizes like this recent rare~~~


Another rare from just 11days ago…


Reminder that each alliance is only permitted one AR thread at a time. I will close your other open threads.


Apologies @Rook. I thought that the other one was closed. My mistake—i’ll Be more careful next time


Sorry about that! I am still new

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Waiting for the next to join us,

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I’m looking for a new clan, on daily to hit titans - uk based and happy to particpate in wars - Piercedscot

Welcome @Piercedscot ! Are you looking to join Twilight Bastion? @Goofey4

Yeah i’m looking for a new clan to join

Hello- you can line msg me also my line id is fight_happy

Wont let me message you in game but my player id in game is Piercedscot

@Piercedscot You can message here, or use Line (they are giving their Line ID): fight_happy

@Piercedscot try searching twilights bastion in alliance and joining…

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