No Defense buff for Poseidon

During a Revenge match I used Victor’s special skill. It provided a defense buff to all players except for Poseidon. During the match, the opponent had Kunchan as their tank. His defense debuff did not affect Poseidon.

I expected Poseidon to be affected by the debuff, and the buff.

The date is August 26th 2019. The time is 2 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

Are there Wu Kong or Ranvir or the caster is in blind status?

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No Ravnir. No Wu Kong.
I had no way of blinding the opponent, and I was not blinded.

Always provide a screenshot or a video, as there’s many people that report not really clear bugs.
So my suggestion is to use him again with a buffer, possibly against another debuffer.

A few things coming to my mind:

  • was it in “revive” standby mode? (Transparent?)

  • was it killed in that same turn?


I tried to recreate the issue, and it did not occur. If it happens again, I’ll take a screenshot.

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