No damage (displayed) to different hero with Revive active

I believe the opponent’s tank was Colen, whom I had defeated and was in the Revive state. He actually never fully reappeared the following turn before disappearing, so that may have something to do with what happened next. Anyways, while the Revive was processing, I dropped 4 holy tiles on Rigard who was next to him. I’m pretty sure I had Gambler’s Stance up. So I understand that all four could have missed, we have all seen that followed by colorful language. However, the game showed me nothing at all. No damage, no ‘misses’, no sound effects, nothing at all and his health did not change. The only icon on Rigard was the -Def from Grimm’s AoE hit. I saw nothing else on the board which would completely nullify any damage, and there’s nothing in the Cleric tree either.

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