No credit for titan hit!

Hi there. Left my alliance briefly (Much ado about killing)with another member to help someone looking for mercs in the alliance HU-8400-adja(?). Not sure about the last part to be honest. Anyway did 40+k damage and helped kill. However once I was back on the alliance screen my hit was not registered, I recieved nothing (not expecting much but could use some hams) and did not get credit for POV (it was 6* so that should count). Monday sept 28th about 8:15 pm et.

You Only receive loot if you are IN the alliance when the titan dies & loot is awarded.

Similarly with PoV, the counter is tied to the recieving of Loot. So you must again be IN the alliance when the titan dies & loot is awarded in order to gain PoV credit.

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I was still in. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. I didn’t leave until well after all the other mercs

Hmm; odd.

My best advice would be to try #contact-support; so click hash-tag and follow instructions to create a support ticket. They can have a look at the logs for you.

It may be that it did count and you missed the prompt/ pop-up or the pop-up just didn’t show… idk

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