No credit for several boards played in season 2!

I played four boards in season 2 and won, but the game still shows the boards unfinshed! I even replayed one & nothing…

The credit you are referring to, are you referring to the Mission Log or your Profile?

If it is the Missions Log, no one at this particular point in time have Advanced Past the Province 21 (about to have 3 more provinces released in T-minus 11 Hours) and certainly no one has finished the Season 2 Map (e.g. solved the mystery of Atlantis) yet.

If you are talking about under your Player Profile, you only get credited there for completing the “Hard” Mode. Make sure you have toggled the mode to Hard for any already completed Season 2 stages (as you will need to have the Normal mode completed in order to access the Hard mode). One way to tell if you have completed a Hard Mode is that under Normal Mode, first time completion you get 3 Atlantis Coins, under Hard Mode, first time completion you get 5 Atlantis Coins.


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