No connection

I have problem with connection to the game. The game Is no longer connect. All other apps on my phone work fine when are connected to wifi or mobile net


I have the same problem i created topic too… but seems like SG don’t care…

I have the same problem … could you please say us something?

Furthermore when I can connect … just for 1 minute chat does not work.

Same problem. It connects via mobile but not over wifi so I can only play if I’m using data.

It still doesnt work. Sometimes I can play but at these times I can’t connect

Spielen über WLAN nicht möglich und über handynetz ab und zu abbrüche.meine Tochter kann nicht mehr spielen da sie nur über Tablett und WLAN geht und sie kein handynetz hat.

I am having the same problem and it all started after the update

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