No charge for tiles

Anyone else have this issue , where you can’t get a hero to charge up ? I just encountered this today on the final stage of the emblem trial, which cost me several high end battle items to compensate for the lack of a special and win . It wouldn’t even let me choose zocc to use a Mana pot on him. Not very happy about it .

I then popped the green gem , and

Wow very strange. There is no reason why you can’t tap on Zocc to use a Mana potion (if the potion has effect is a different matter).

Did you tap on Zocc to see if his special go off after popping the gem? I mean if you actually tried to use his special even though he is visibly not fully charged.

Yes , I tapped on him in case it was just the image that was off and zocc still wouldn’t fire his special for the entire stage. So I had to opt for using all my time stops instead to compensate for not having zocc . :frowning:

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