No change log again?

I just got notified that there was an update to 1.11.7. Installed it and was a little surprised to see that I’d been skipped over for update 1.11.6, which several of my teammates got. Not a huge deal, it could have been Android only and that’s fine.

The trouble is that I have no idea what changed. The description on the update was vague (basically “bug fixes and small updates”) and then I come on the forum and again, no change log. This practice is fine when you’re talking about updating something stupid like Outlook or iOS, but not this. Not E&P. This is important.

I’m being a little facetious but I do strongly feel that the little tweaks that get made to this game have big consequences, and I at least would like to have a little more info anout what changes are being made. It’s annoying whenone of my heroes gets nerfed and I get annihiliated during a raid for no good reason.


Thanks for the feedback. Usually, these smaller updates between the main updates include smaller technical bug fixes and improvements under the hood. All player-facing improvements and changes, including the hero balance changes, are announced in the build notes (available here under the Latest News & Updates category & our FAQ page) when they happen.