No Challenge coins?

For the current challenge, will there be those chests that gives you challenge coins? I have completed Epic and Legendary and found no chests? Only those given as reward for completion? Was hoping to farm those chests as well, been saving up on World Energies

You just had bad luck, plus Suspicious Chests are simply rare to find. I’ve found 4 of them yesterday and 1 this morning, so they surely still exists. Don’t give up!

I only got 2 going through all difficulties and none from farming. The rng gods can be cruel.

Possibly, previous challenge there was a lot??? Doubt it’s RNG, more likely SG (or is it Zynga ) making $$$$$

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I got 5 coins so far from the chests. 2 of theme were in the same stage.

I got 2 chest in all og legendary and 2 in epic which I still can’t beat the last level of. Too F’in hard. Legendary was nuts epic I thought would be better…NOPE.

I got none. FYI I used Wu . Lu Xui, Cioa Kiril and Azlar to finish Legendary, with Time Stops and Mana pots, It is really fkn hard.
Given up farming for them now

I got 10 event coins so far. I farm the low levels that require 1 energy. I’ve spent 3 world energy flasks. Imo, more exp than any other levels in the game.

I had to continue 3x with Joon, Magni, Lianna, Mel and Viv(3.70) Once I hit continue I was in for the ride. Already used the nukes and wasn’t quitting. Used to like these events to get mats now I am worried I won’t finish the rare or epic to get those. I have time stops and can make everything but you can’t use teh big stuff from the lodge either since they’re 5* items. I think my level of play after 16 months is ahead of many like my last alliance, I had the best heroes, others had good ones but they were 2.60 or 3.70. I don’t mind it getting harder but after Avalon now this, I wonder what will the next ones be like? 10000 HP?

I hope they don’t crank up Halloween and Christmas too. I couldn’t beat either last year on the harder diff. I hope to this year but I also hope to get 5* from summons but that doesn’t happen either…LOL

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do the chests only give 1 challenge coin?

I notice I have only ever gotten 1 challenge coin for beating a chest, whereas in Atlantis a single seadragon can give multiple Atlantis coins.

chests only give one coin


During the last event i found 1 chest over the course of hundreds of plays and replays.

This this I have found 8 on less than 50 plays/replays.

RNG gonna RNG

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Only got one per account. One in rare and one in legendary

I have gotten 5 in total. One from rare and 2 a piece in epic and legendary.

I have gotten 5 in total. One from rare and 2 a piece in epic and legendary.
Still hoping to get more once i complete the stages.

completed entire event yesterday. spent all WE today, used 1 flask and got only 3 coins so far for like 60-70 turns. I give up farming for them any more

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