[No Bug -- Working as Intended] Raffaele's Conditional 50% Healing ability not affected by Deep Wounds (E.g. Sand Empire, Perseus - Arman’s -50%) nor Vampirism (e.g. Victor, Valeria) -- [Staff Quote in Post 12]

While fighting an opponent in a war I had Arman’s buff on Rafael and he was able to heal himself to 1/2 life with his added HOT. This happened numerous times and the buff had no effect on his ability to heal himself (he was the only remaining member on the team).

Watching this to see if actual bug or design

@Fivecentz It is possible that Arman’s undispellable 50% decrease healing on Raffaele may have already been ending its 2-turn effectivity when Raffaele casted his skills. Unfortunately, we can never know this for sure if there are no videos or screenshots of what actually happened. Try asking your alliancemates for screenshots or videos.

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The interesting thing is that it doesn’t give a %healing on his skill. So in theory, it is possible that -healing effect, might not work.

It is by design, it has been mentioned in beta-beat thread.


@moderators This thread can be closed I believe.

It’s already marked as solved :slightly_smiling_face:


perfect! thank you!
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Need some clarification from staff.
The thing is, heal reduction from sand empire heroes does not prevent Rafael healing to 50%. Is it intentional or just oversight?
I’ve attach a screenshots of such a situation, heroes were under Yunan ailment, and still healed to 50%

@KiraSG, @Petri, @Staff_SGG

Please read posts above.

I’m gonna report this in Beta but in there I just confirmed that Raf’s conditional heal to 50% HP also ignored vampirism from the Halloween heroes

So I’ve updated the title accordingly


Ok I followed this one up with staff & it was raised again in Beta Testing where the Vampire’s don’t “steal” any of Raffaele’s “Heal to 50%”.

This is the Staff Response:

Thank you for reporting! This is indeed intended behavior, Raffaele should always raise allies HP to +50% regardless of any status ailments.

So with confirmation from one of the QA staff, I am going to mark this thread as “working as intended” with the staff response to this thread.


Lest people start screaming for a nerf, it should be pointed out that it goes both ways – if Triton’s buff is up, Raffaele still only heals to 50%, not “what is needed for 50% + Triton’s buff”.

Vampirism, Triton, etc. do affect his HoT.


So does this mean in ‘Bloody Battle’ Raffaele will heal your allies to 50%?!

No it doesn’t.

Bloody Battle isn’t a status ailment. Instead is a governing rule for the fight & overrides everything.


Well I for one am fine with this.

Raffaele was called a bad hero upon release, and well I still think myself that he’s kinda meh being slow and reliant on saving his teammates at an unreliable speed tier. He’s useful to a point, but he’s no Ariel either, that’s for sure.

At least this distinction in letting him avoid deep wounds and vampirism gives him a small bump in his usefulness. It makes him a lot more interesting to me even if those effects themselves are niche, I don’t mind any little thing that makes him better in my eyes.


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Lol this mechanism is broken. “Heal to 50% HP” is still healing.

Raf should at least have his special skill re-worded if this is the intended mechanism. Maybe: “Set the HP of all allies who have less than 50% HP to 50% health.” Using the word “heal” in his special just becomes confusing b/c clearly it isn’t meant as a normal heal.

What about Gafar? He prevents 100% healing, does Raf still ignore it?
I can believe ignoring up to 99% healing. Raf use that 1% to rise health to 50%, but when whole healing is blocked - how does it work?