[No Bug; Working as Intended] [MASTER] - Tavern of Legends No Innate Resistance - (Onatel blind, Kunchen Defence, Ranvir Poison etc...)



Is what intended? That she got blinded?

She has innate ability to resist blind so she can’t be blinded when you fight her in raids/wars/tournaments.

But she probably forgot that when she entered the Tavern :rofl:

She has innate resistance to blind… this is odd

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Going to taverns often leads to forgetfulness :grin:


Has to be a bug. Neith didn’t know how strong she was, doing the impossible like that…

Didn’t expect Hu Tao’s blind to affect Onatel, since she has an inherent resistance to blinding. The icon attached; I didn’t notice whether it actually ever caused her to miss. Not complaining, since it was Boss Onatel, not my Onatel, but never missing with her special is one of my favorite parts of using her.


A fair number of monthlies have been changed for this event. For instance, Gravemaker’s speed last month was significantly reduced. I think most of these heroes have been toned down for the boss position. The game’s being nice to us.

Well. She got BLIND DRUNK in the Tavern with Khionna. So hammered they started a fight.

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Thank you for this thread, this is working as intended - Heroes as bosses do not have passive skills.


That’s not quite accurate. Bosses in the class trials have functional talents which are all passive, and season 3 is built off of heroes with realm abilities which are all passive.

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I think From a difficulty level it doesn’t matter if the Heros have the passive skills or not. But from a Continues And accuracy (bahaha think twice) perspective it would make sense to add it to the Heros.

I would recommend to add it if there would be a vote :ballot_box:

and yes he takes damage

Seems like this is intended


So, this means that the innate resistance of all enemy boss heroes (past HOTMs) during Tavern of Legends does not apply.

Yep, you can debuff kunchen’s defence all day long


There seems to be a (visual?) bug in the current Tavern of Legends. Kunchen should resist defense ailments but he at least gets the visual indicator of having reduced defense.
Couldn’t compare tile damage with and without def down.

Not a bug :wink:


Thanks. Couldn’t find that info in any of the FAQs. But then I didn’t think of searching for Onatel :smile:


To be clear, only Boss Kunchen is susceptible to defense down. Not your hero :wink:

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