[No Bug; just Operator Misunderstanding :) ]Harpoons in Quests not hitting the target

I took in today for the first time Harpoons in the Trials as I didn’t feel I was strong enough without them.
Harpoons do damage to a single hero/boss but the problem is it doesn’t hit the targeted hero/boss

Tapping the boss you want the harpoon to hit and out of 4 harpoons used only one hit the mark, the others choose at random.

Is this a bug, oversight in harpoons being used as battle items or other.

I believe it targets based on who you had selected previously? Same as targetting a hero special skill?

Not sure tho, I haven’t personally ever tried.

@JonahTheBard you’ve had some experience with using Harpoons vs. mobs haven’t you?

I don’t think so…but it’s hard to remember everything I write :rofl:

I’m upgrading my lodge today so can’t test yet

No NOT REALLY IMO because in using 4 one after the other before using any tiles, each one hit a different target EVERYTIME.

you need to select the target you want to hit or it will be random everytime. Like raiding.

LOL :grin: now this is a funnest response, sorry m8 no offence meant. :cowboy_hat_face:

I already know this and stated that this was done.


Laugh all you want

If they are hitting random targets you might want to check then…

It may seem funny but honestly that is one of the only ways it’ll happen.

Please go try using harpoons yourself as in this case it isn’t the issue,

Over 2 years of playing I think I understand how targeting heroes works, again no offence meant.

I’d of taken a video of it but I have completed all my trails and don’t have any other quests available atm.

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When I saw this during my game play, I figured I hadn’t selected a target (user error on me - now, I’m thinking not) - I agree, I’ve noted the same…last trial, I think…don’t typically take harpoons to trials, but will watch for it again.


Luckily I read this post before I started the last stage. It seems to be working just fine.


I just tested this on the trials, 5 out of 5 harpoons hit my intended target (I chose different targets though).

Did you select your target before or after tapping the harpoon? If you select the hero you want to target with special skills and then “double tap” the harpoon (one tap on the item and the next tap on the tooltip just like bombs or dragon attacks for quick use) then it selects the target randomly. If you tap the harpoon then tap a target then it will hit the hero you select, the harpoon targeting works independently from the target set for special attacks. Also every use of the harpoon needs it’s separate targeting. That’s how I managed to hit 5/5. It could be still a bug though and I just got lucky or you selected the target incorrectly for the harpoon.


2 of your hits DIDN’T hit the targeted hero, how is that work fine.

Once at 38 seconds and the other at 1. 20 seconds

I saw the same thing in the video and was going to say the same thing (hence a withdrawn post)

I read @Csoki comment and understood its mechanics:

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I’ve pushed it towards the Devs to see if there is a bug or an issue with the description


Thank you for the report. We’ll investigate this here!


I am on the last stage in one of my alt accounts, I will tape and try this.

OK I did the match and it is as @Csoki stated that you need to tap the harpoon it’s self first and then choose the target.

This is fine now that I know but wouldn’t it be wise to place a note in there saying that when we are using harpoons in other than titan battles.

I am sure I wouldn’t be the only one finding this out the hard way, lol.

Normally I wouldn’t have used harpoons on here but did so for this testing.

Thanks for help guys.

I think you’re getting things a bit confused, but I definitely see where you’re coming from especially since harpoons work differently from other battle items.

The target reticle is different for hero specials and does not affect the battle item’s target.

The first image shows the target reticle for hero specials.

Second image shows bomb attack(the same for arrows, axe attacks, and dragon attacks).

The third image shows the same thing as normal battle items, however, unlike the second image where you can press any of the enemies and hit all enemies, the enemy you press will be the only one attacked. This is shown in the 4th image where I intentionally aimed for the far right target.

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It been solved m8, please watch my video. Cheers

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Closed as is resolved :slight_smile:

No Bug or issue in the end.

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