NO BUG! Just on Tier 2 of the Valor challenge --- daily challenge counter not working

Completed two daily challenges this morning went to look at the rewards and noticed that only one challenge is counted as being completed in Valor Challenges…


you got 1 of 1, now 1 of 3 = 2 done. :thinking:


I questioned that too. We’re already on tier 2.

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Confused dot com

From the POV daily challenges
I have greeted a villager = 1 of 3
I have collected 5000 food = 2 of 3

But …

The Valor challenges only records one daily challenge as being completed

What am I missing here?

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You are on tier two. You completed 1 on tier 1


The first level of this quest was to finish 1 daily challenge - you did it and you collected points for it.
Now you at the second level and you did another daily challenge so it is 1 of 3.



That will teach me to put my glasses on when I play this game in the morning …
I am getting too old …
And thanks everyone. This will make me smile all day


Sorry, I stil don’t understand. I’ve finished 3/3 and it shows me 2/3?


Yes I have the same problem exactly what’s going on

you are on Tier II. Tier I was for 1 daily challenge. You collected and now begin to fullfill Tier II.
Tier I: 1 challenge
Tier II: 2/3 challenges

in total you have done the 3 dailies and all are counting towards your progress


Thank you very much Cadi!!!

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I have completed all daily tasks, POV is only recognising 2/3

The solution is in this thread

I’m doing the path of valor and I just finished doing the three daily challenges. The green middle valor challenge underneath the daily challenges says complete the three daily challenges. so I did and it only registered 2 not 3 so did not receive the amount of points from the valor challenges. Has it happen to anybody else? And how to rectify it? Thanks

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Look at the title of the challenge.

You already finished “complete daily challenges I”.


I have finished the Valor challenge III completely, but there was no reward given.

Yes, there was already two posts for exactly the same thing in the last six hours. You have completed tier one in that challenge which was complete one daily challenge. You are now in tier two of that challenge which is complete three daily challenges.

I completed 3 daily today. Anyone can tell me which one doesn’t count?

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The first one was ‘complete one’

The second level is ‘complete three’

So you’ve done one, and carried the next two to the second level :+1:

All is well

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