No barracks


I checked App store and no update. I don’t have a barracks and it isn’t an option to build one


To get a barracks, you must convert one of your existing buildings that is already at level 5 or higher.

For myself, and at least some others, the App Store has provided an update for the game.


I never received the normal notice, but when I went to the App Store and clicked the update button it was sitting there waiting for me. :relaxed:

I hope you get it soon.


sometimes you have to go to the app store and look for the game as if you are going to install it for the first time; does not always show up in update section. It will likely say update as you already have the game. Also make sure any updates on your operating system is done; have found that sometimes that makes a difference.


Lexie, was your issue with the training camp resolved?


May be being a muppet but I don’t seem to have an option to convert building to barracks, I have upgraded and stronghold is 10. Any idiots guides to building barracks appreciated.

Update: suddenly got pop up and the option to convert when clicking on building so resolved


I love a happy ending. :relaxed:


YES! had to reboot game after leveling up stronghold before the conversion option showed up. Thanks!