No backpacks

Since the update, backpacks have been a rare drop in the lower zones, the exception being province 5, which is averaging a backpack per fight.

My biggest test is for the monster chest I like 8.7. Usually by the end I have about 6 or 7 packs. Last time I had one. Another tried too. After 8 fights, no backpack.

Can you look into this please?


The data project looking at drop rates in different areas found that 8-7 averages about 0.18 packs per world energy flag. So the average should be around 3-4 packs if you fill your chest with 8-7.

Looks like you have been doing a bit better than average in the past, but you’re just running through a dry spell now. The kind of variability you’re seeing is pretty typical, though, and it should average out over time.

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go to season 2 1st stage u will get the most backpacks from there

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I agree that you are basically suffering a dry spell on these. Something most of us have had when grinding lvls.
It does and will turn around and start giving you back the missing backpacks

Two updates ago i had over 200 swords and over 200 backpacks. Never did anything special to obtain them just farming the regular spots. Right now im having to use the cheap but slow method to keep heros feeders. Several ppl in my alliance have noticed this too. I dont think its a dryspell. 8-7 will net you a backpack or sword on out of ten runs when it ised to be one out of ten runs would fail to net either

You know, up until very recently I never thought about searching for swords, but I just ran completely out. Now my backpacks (*adventure kit) are piling up and I have no swords to train with :confused:

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