No AW Prizes

Alliance war is over, the rest of my alliance seem to have their rewards but I have received nothing!
29th April 19.50 BST

Not happy 2 days in a row (different glitches)

  1. Have you updated to the latest version? Version 1.11.7 for Apple and 1.11.6 for Android
  2. Maybe you collected it but didn’t notice? I did that this morning

All up to date. Checked in my inventory just in case and I haven’t collected anything new. Thank you for the suggestion though.

If you haven’t already contacted support do so. They have a way of checking the logs. I received a Sonya from Tc13 and shortly after received a 3* from the same camp and she was gone. I thought I was screwed but after a 4 day wait I had received her in my inbox.

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Thank you. I will contact support.