No attack power is added to the tournament

Why is there no rule effect on the tournament with the addition of a 20% attack?

I do not see any gain either when the heroes hit or when the stones hit

This is a 20% boost.

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The attack modifier is applied only if hero has any active buff. In your screenshot Joon has
+20% attack because he has “elemental link” buff.


This is a 40% boost.

But the attack has become higher?
why the damage remained normal?

The same with stones, they do the same damage as always

You are comparing two diffferent Joons, one has higher base attack, probably emblems. (891 vs 861)
The one with lower base attack, does higher damge in second hit - so all is fine.

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This is a stone with a gain of 20

These are stones without everything.

I do not compare Joons, I do not see the addition of attack. The attack increased by 344, but the damage remained the same, how can this be?

I’m not awar about the maths when calculating damage dealt, but I’ll try to summarize your numbers:

First special attack from Joon1: 891 +20% boost -> 1069 attack against Lianna -> 656 damage

Second special attack from Joon2: 861 +40% boost -> 1205 attack against Lianna -> 663 damage

It’s the exact same Lianna with no buff or ailments on defense.

On the stones hit analysis, It looks like you used yellow stones on Richard first and on Elena after that.

First yellow stone attack +20% boost -> 223 227 234 damage on Richard (don’t know Richard’s defense)

Second yellow stone attack no boost -> 248 258 damage on Elena (don’t know Elena’s defense)

This one is hard to compare since we don’t know their defenses and which troops they were using.

Anyways, the damages dealt look a bit odd, specially on Lianna’s case where two Joons with different attack power did almost the exact same damage.

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It seems to be working for me. I had one battle where my green heroes had 7 buffs, and their tiles were inflicting nearly Wu Kong levels of damage. A single +20% boost might be small enough to be masked by the random component of the damage calculation, especially when looking at special attack damage where (IIRC) the attack buff percent is added to the special percent rather than multiplied.



you have 4 yellow troops.
when you hit with a tile, only one is used (which one? RNG)

so, most likely when +20% a stronger one hit
and wghen 40% a weaker one did, hence the almost equal damage.


That doesn’t matter from the perspective of damage. The troop determines buffs and debuffs, but not damage, as near as we can tell.

But there is a random factor in the damage equation that can swing the damage from half to double. So just picking out two hits will make it very difficult to tell what’s going on. A 20%+ swing is very possible from hit to hit.

same joons, but lvl1 3* troop with weaker attack stat than a lvl1 4* troop will hit with the same damage?

For specials, the troop isn’t randomly selected. It is the troop that is used on the attacking hero.

For tiles, the troop is randomly selected, but the damage is from the aggregate troop-adjusted attack of all heroes of that color.


here is a simple test. I take the same team. sorry Lianna did not live)) but this is not the main thing. beat joon with attack 891 by Vivica

now we are the second weak Joon, but with the already strong boldtusk attack.

how do you make a difference? it can be seen immediately.

Given the stats for the two Joons, I calculate that the second strike should deal about 6.5% more damage than the first:

First Joon output:
(891 * (1 + 4.68)) ^ 1.35 = 100162

Second Joon output:
(861 * (1 + 4.68 + 0.48)) ^ 1.35 = 106706

Ratio of outputs:
106706 / 100162 = 1.065 = +6.5%

Therefore, the predicted damage of the second strike would be 686 * 1.065 = 731 HP, which is likely within the random component considering the actual damage was 777.

TLDR: It appears to be working the same as it always has.


unfortunately I don’t see where he works in the tournament? I see what works in the raids

For the first set of images from the tournament, I’m actually calculating a drop in damage, but it’s very slight at -0.11%. It’s because the weaker Joon’s 30 less attack is offset almost exactly by the 20% attack buff in the special damage calculation.

For reference:

(891 * (1 + 4.68 + 0.20)) ^ 1.35 = 104953 (first Joon output)

(861 * (1 + 4.68 + 0.40)) ^ 1.35 = 104839 (second Joon output)

Ratio = 104839 / 104953 = 0.9989 = -0.11%

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