No Atlantis Deals

I noticed I don’t have the deals for Atlantis, are you kidding me? So not only is my shop still down, but the pop ups for Atlantis aren’t available either? Wow!

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Did you try to open the season 2 map and then go back to your base yet?

I’m in the same situation!!!

Yeah… There is no pop up deal… Sucks!

I am having the same problem as well. When I contact support, I was told it’s a Google issue. Google says it’s not. Since I have none of these problems in other games, I’m guessing Google is right.

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Definitely not google… I’ve already tried everything they (small giant) “suggested” (troubleshooting) & I still can’t get the shop or the deals back. Like you all my other games are working fine… Now some who bought the deals got charged but didn’t receive the gems. This last update is trash & did nothing but mess things up!

Master thread here:

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