No Atlantis Coins in Atlantis Rises?

I did 100+ Level walkthroughs in Atlantis Rises in the last hour and got ZERO Atlantis Coins. Please tell me that this is normal?


This is normal. Bad RNG is haunting you, that’s all. I just started and got two Orihalcum seadragons in the first two maps.


Really??? I dunno about that. Mine a few minutes earlier:


I used loot tix and got zilch multiple tries


That’s happened to me too.

I have been using loot tickets in AR this morning and getting Atlantis Coins.
Admittedly not huge amounts, but receiving them regularly all the same


I’ve seen a few seadragons too from two flasks. :thinking:.

About 100-200 loot tickets used today. 228 atlantis coins farmed.

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Someone in another topic was referring to maps with higher monster count being more likely to spawn a Seadragon, probably there is a very small chance each monster to be a seadragon so it seems logical that the more monsters on the map, the better chances to get a seadragon.

From my personal small count - 16 battles on AR today total, 4 Orihalcum seadragons total farmed for a total of 15 coins (3+3+4+5).

i did 13.8 /N got lucky with 10 coins with 3 loot ticket…u might wanna try stage 8 all province , but its RNG dunno what your result will be…

Hm, I just got a fifth Seadragon which gave me 10 coins - 9-7 Normal difficulty was the map.

Is there a possibility that with the upcoming S4 Small Giant actually made us a silent gift by increasing the Seadragon appearance rate and coin reward?

I do get coins normally by autofarming. I am not using tickets on AR anymore.

I use loot tickets when I wake up in the middle of the night and want to spend all my red flags fast and continue sleeping :slight_smile: Also when I have to work and have no time to autofarm.

i need recruit so i aimed at stage 8 mostly , i got nother 10 coins in 11.8.N,so i just think rng puts most seadragon on stage 8…

Yea, I mean, I was just responding about possible bug report - I don’t see anything out of the ordinary when autofarming on my end. But if there’s a bug with loot tickets, I can’t check because I didn’t use them. :wink:

Sorry was a bit too concise.

Today I collected 537 coins!

I’ve used tix plus normal auto farm with refills various stages on both easy and hard still nothing. Kinda bs others are getting them and I can’t find a single one be nice sg, gimme the seadragons already :laughing::sweat_smile:

i keep doin 13.8.N and i think around 40 Loot ticket got 60-70 coins…not bad i guess…

The same problem here. No coins and items coming out are few.

50 tickets… two moneys… i stop with atlantis…

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