No Alliance Wars today?



I’m used to playing the Alliance War games on Saturday, but there’s no countdown screen or any sign that Wars are going to happen today.

Is it just because Small Giant is doing program updates or are Alliance Wars only once a week now?




Thanks for this :alien:

There was nothing in my inbox so I wouldn’t have known otherwise.


Yeah, I noticed they missed that this time. It’s really helpful especially if you don’t have someone in you alliance that trolls the forums regularly and then brings that onfo back. Hopefully, SG will continue sending out the messages and this was just an oversight :grin:


I am my alliance‘s designated forum troll because I can be relied upon to play nicely with others. :grin:

I’m also a Lady Suzanne!
Well, usually a lady.


I agree. The inbox is really important for everyone to get this message. It takes a while to learn where this information is found on this forum. However, from experience… I hope they don’t spam us with information :smile::joy: