No Alliance war?

Sorry if this isn’t a bug, but I can’t find any threads of someone having a similar issue.

Our Alliance currently isn’t participating in a war, nobody online knows why. We’re checked off to participate in wars.

Does the matchmaking system sometimes not match an alliance? We’re pretty well established with 30 players and haven’t had issues with wars in the past.

These screenshots where taken just moments ago, I believe wars should have started about 6 hours ago (at the time of this posting). I know it’s a bit too late to participate in the current war but any information on why we weren’t matched would be appreciated.


Lords of the Elements

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Welcome to the forum. Iv never seen this issue before either, Your best bet is to send a support ticket.
Give as much information as you can.

Good luck.


Um… I always thought only the leader could opt you in / out of war. Any chance your leader accidentally pushed the wrong button.

Else like @Dudeious.Maximus suggested, submit a support ticket. GL


We normally have 25+ people attend the war, it might be possible one of our co leaders unchecked the box briefly but I have no idea why they would do that. We don’t have many co leaders and all of them have played for over a year.

I wasn’t aware there was a ticket system, I’ll get one submitted ASAP


Maybe an uneven amount of alliances and you were the last to get matched with no opponent left.


Then it would be war miss match strikes again.:wink:

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Right! How does this work. It’s 100% that at times, the number of war alliances will be odd. What happens then? Who gets left out of the matching system. I always thought the lowest war score alliance must be left out, as nobody ever complained about this before, in years.

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If there’s an odd number of alliances I imagine they’d let one of the smaller alliances be the odd man out, not a full Alliance where everyone is ranked plat/diamond.

That being said, I’m no game developer :man_shrugging:. If that was the case it would be nice to receive an in-game message that notifies us we weren’t matched.

In any case 've got my support ticket submitted, I’ll follow up once I hear a response. Y’all are awesome!

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Seems doubtful. If it was a small alliance I could believe it, but war matching is done top down (highest/biggest first), so if they were opted in then they would have, at worst, been matched against a team with up to 3 less opponents.

At a guess I would say that someone opted you guys out of war during / over matchmaking period.

Thus if the alliance wasn’t opted into wars, they wouldn’t be considered in matchmaking.

HOWEVER, the only way to confirm this would be for you to #contact-support. Click that hash-tag for instructions or:

Exactly what I said.

That was my thought behind my statement. It’s not just one alliance, it will be several for each matchmaking with the same amount of war participants. Maybe there are enough totally inactive alliances that won’t complain about it. Dunno.

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