No Ad Available. Check back later

Is this a bug or is there a shortage of ads?

Two afternoons in a row, around 2-3 PM, 8 hours after I watch my first mystic vision and after the countdown expires, I get the message “No Ad Available. check Back Later”

I’ve had this issue before and a reboot of the app normally cured the problem. That is not the case the last two days.

Not the case here…

It appears Google ads are blocked at work and while I can play the game, I can’t view mystic vision. Had to log off the wifi and switch to satellite.


This has happened to me a few times. After a few minutes it’s okay again without switching anything

I get this quite often and I’ve been getting it for a few weeks now. I fix it by exiting out of the game and then signing back in. It’s happened to me at home, at work, and while out of state when my daughter had a baby 3 weeks ago.

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