No accention items from titan in 3 weeks

Hello there. A question. Is it only me or d others have such a problem? I in the last 3 weeks I received 0 items for hero’s from titans. Multiple times I was first. In my whole history playing this game I recieved only once or twice reward for being first. And I did it maybe 15 times. What’s the point in trying hard? No reward.

As i understand titans should be the main place where you get the items. Others are just a bonus. Or did I get it wrong? Should I change alliance or something? How can I reset this line of 0 items? I know it is random but come on. 3 weeks? Is it how this game wants donations for items? I do buy crystals occasionally. But come on…

What is you opinion. Maybe any suggestions? Here is my last reward.!


You are getting ascension items - just not the desirable kind.

Your first image has tall boots.

Just like the ones you can get on the map…

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I’ve got a back pack, wooden sword, hard wood, feather and 5 gems with a 2 * purple trainer hero from the most recent titan chest killing mostly 7 * and 8 * titans!
Too bad I did not screenshot.
Guess it doesn’t get any worse than this.

But it was not as bad as now. 3 weeks and 0 items to advance hero’s to 4 level. Don’t want to play this. With each and every new challenge the drop gets worse and worse.

In my opinion in chase after money developer’s just tightening every screw they can to squeeze more money from players. Very angry at this. Before never seen this bs. Sorry very annoyed by this drop. 3 weeks.

Again any ideas how to reset this? If there is any way?

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Welcome to the forums! The only sure fire way to remedy this is join my allaince :wink: jk. We are go through dry streaks when I started this game I usually had gotten 1 of each 4* ascension mat every month and a half or so. I’m also currently on a dry streak, only 1 damasucus blade a 1 ring in the last 3 months.


It’s all random. I got this on an escaped titan. You really never know what’s gonna pop up!


No you’re not going crazy, nor is there anything wrong. This is exactly how it works.

You put in all the work to kill a Titan with your whole alliance & in return for it you get “GREAT REWARDS” like feathers & rocks, maybe if you’re very lucky, a gem or two.

Great work fellas, now let’s do it all over again with the next one.

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They do exist. You just got to set game notifications so you log on immediately to collect the reward. Really, why are you ever logging off?


My all time favorite is when you commit a few flasks to take down a hard one and are further behind in rare items then when you started lol.

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Screenshot_20190513-070717_Empires Screenshot_20190513-070725_Empires
Look here and cry this from titan chest, this continues from 3 months.No 4* ascending materials and we expect from here to level our heroes :grin: .


I feel your pain. In april, the only non-farmable mats i gained were from events. All my chests were complete garbage, even elemental chest.
This month, my luck has risen, 2 chests gave me no mats at all(they did contained troop token though :rofl:). All the other gave me numerous 3* and 4* mats.
So don’t lose hope even if it is truly frustrating, sooner or later, you’ll get some good chests

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I woke up Sunday morning to top 1% raid loot, an 8* titan defeated (with an A ranking), and a titan loot chest… and came away with 10 emblems in my raid loot and … nothing else.

Then I got mystic rings Sunday night from a regular monster chest. You just have to shrug your shoulders and keep marching on.

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And this it’s from today. No one from the alliance dont get the darts.

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No one getting the Rare Titan item is such a common event that Rare Titans are just a waste of time & battle items. There’s nothing special about them anymore.

If it’s killed so what, if it gets away who cares.

So this is the titan loot chest for Regularly killing 7 * and 8 * titan…

Bit of a dry spell myself. We fight nothing but 12* and I haven’t seen an unfarmable drop in 2 weeks and beyond 2 weeks for a 4* mat.

It’s the nature of the beast. The reality is, when I consider events, quests, wanted chests, etc… I’m getting or have gotten mats elsewhere. It’s simply about increasing your chances in the grand scheme of things.

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