No 5 stars


I have 2 members on my alliance that have been playing religiously for approximately 6 months and have yet to receive a 5 star hero. I believe in the spirit of the game after playing for 1 year you should receive 1 hero of the month to be fair to every player. It also gives them incentive to keep playing.


Fair schmair.

All they have to do is open up their wallets and 5*s will rain down upon them. Just like everyone else in the game.

Or have patience, get 4xTC20, have more patience and finally get a Thorne or a Quintus.


I believe they are both at tc 20 and I know for a fact they have opened up their wallets. b3av420 just did a 10x summon once again and got 0 5stars. He does this at least 2 to 3 times a month.


Yeesh thats some bad luck if hes doing 10 pulls fairly often.


Then they must open their wallets even further.

Odds are published, they’re low and crap, but they are published.

Just keep pulling and training, 5*s will eventually come.


Seriously what is wrong with getting a five star as gift after a year?


Nothing is wrong with it, but nothing is right with it either? Whats the rationale for it?

And can you imagine the grief if one person gets Guin and another gets Quintus?
Or if everybody gets the same, and its Thorne?


It took me about a year to pull Drake Fong, my first 5*.

I almost felt like giving up too, but had to persevere.

I don’t think you should get a 5* for free, but if you run 4 x TC20’s as @Fledoble says you should eventually get one after about 3-6 months.


Guys, dont’t cry for not getting 5*. Until lvl 27 I was playing only with 3* and one Hu Tao. I was so frustrated and praying even for one more 4*. Not even 5*.
I opened Wallet and not 10x pulls. Thats’s nothing! Keep pattience and don’t expect nothing. You will get a surprise!


I have 4 repeat 4 tc20 and i just did another 5 pulls … Results last 20 tc20…all 3* 5 pull just now all 3* … Not only Do I not recieve hero’s when i get a 4* it is always the same 5 sabinas 3 regards … Umm that is impossible ods to recieve the same hero over and over again… Those odds are less then the odds of getting a 5*


Not only is the pulling of hero’s rigged … Special events go to the top players because they have the hero’s and have been playing logger then others and probably more money. Though i have spent my money on this game and it has never given anything. The rewards from titans war and special events are also jacked. Raids are uneven to gain equal amount of trophies inhave to fight people 500 more power then me and also lose to people 500 less then me. I habe video to show the lol sided raids…this game is losing people and people I have played with a long time because of this…tc20 odds should increase with each one you get…PERIOD I have 4 i should have better odds then someone with 1…but to only get 3* is crap because that is what thebrare only level if the tc20 is for…tc20 should only give 4 and 5 stars it is why we get to this point


I would edit the post but why when even the autocorrect don’t spell right


How long have you had 4 x TC20s?


It sounds like you are very unlucky.
How many pulls total did you do with your TC 20?s ?

Please dont start any conspiracy theories because we have seen them all. ( almost all :smile: )

The odds are the oods and will probabely not change much.

Please read one of the available raid tutorial threads to understand how raids work and make the best of raiding.

Good luck and enjoy the game.


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