No 5-Stars? No Problem!

Still waiting on my first 5-star hero, but in the meantime…

Spirit Link was invaluable in keeping my heroes alive.

Now I’m waiting on the next province of Season 2 to open up!


Congratulations! Good job :+1:
Now the next challenge are season 2 provinces hard mode. Pretty difficult and many flags, but nice loot.

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@DotCom I’m partway into Province 2 of Season 2 on Hard Mode. Agreed, it’s flag-consuming but worth the effort!

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And with three dark heroes and zero holy ones?

Wow that’s impressive


@decorum I have a fully-ascended Bane, but Scarlett has so much more HP and I needed Gunnar for Spirit Link. I do have Chao, but he’s still at tier 2. I only got him about a week ago.

But using dark against dark made for quite a grind. I think it took me 30 minutes to finish off the Dark Lord.

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