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Hey everyone! I’m about to go live at 2020-10-18T15:30:00Z … join me on YouTube if you’d like to be a part of the chat :slight_smile:

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It’s UNDEAD HORDE time!!! Bring it on…

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Hey everyone! We’re facing off against Seven Days Hunting. Join me on YouTube if you want to take part in the chat!


Hope my defence features :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck tho @NittanyLionRoar

I’m going live at 2020-10-25T15:30:00Z! See you soon :slight_smile:

…BTW, there was a glitch with my EPIC FREE stream yesterday where the streaming software and YouTube were not connecting properly, so the prescheduled stream didn’t work. If you try to click on this link today and the prescheduled stream is still glitching, then go to my YouTube page to join the fun:

Hey everyone! Here are my Valhalla summons for October. How did you all do?

Hi NittanyLionRoar - I just begun playing the game not too long ago. Your videos were some of the first I watched, even before I discovered this forum here!

I´d just like to thank you for your content, it is of great help to me. :slight_smile: :star2:


Thanks so much @Gwniver ! That means a lot…I’m glad they’ve been helpful.

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The new Halloween heroes are finally out! I give my detailed analysis and gradea. Enjoy!

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